Clay Almgren

2022 | WA: Seattle
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Neal Hicks

Mar 5, 2021

Elite vision, skill, and IQ lead the way for Clay. Clay will be one of the steals on the 2022 attack class and will develop into an early starter at a D1 program. The type of kid any coach loves to have on his team with a bright future.

Coleman Walsh

Jul 29, 2020

You want Clay in your program. Period. He will create positive impact on/off the field. He is a chameleon in the sense that he can quarterback from X, dodge from the wings, or be an efficient finisher inside. His character and intelligence will allow him to succeed in any environment.

Austin Gaiss

Jul 9, 2020

Clay is a super high IQ player who has great skills, vision and creativity. Getting the chance to coach Clay year round I've been really impressed by his coachability, work ethic and inner drive to continue improving his game.

Athan Iannucci

May 21, 2020

I know pure talent. I excelled at the D1 and professional level. Clay is VERY special. Mark my words: Recruit this kid now before a big D-1 school scoops him up on a full ride. Clay compared to ALL players I have played with or against: Vision 10/10 Accuracy 9/10 Coachability 9/10 Creativity 8/10 R-Hand 8/10 L-Hand 6/10

Larry Maurer

May 21, 2020

Clay has exceptional vision and is extremely dangerous dodging from X as a shooting threat and as a feeder. His lacrosse IQ is excellent and his stick skills are the result of a long history of consistent disciplined work. Looking forward to seeing his continued development!

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