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Dani Taraska

2022 | FL: Bradenton
Recruit Profile
I am a multi-sport athlete who is determined to excel, highly coachable, and have true grit. I love a challenge and am quick and powerful with a strong lacrosse IQ.

As a multi-sport athlete, I understand the importance of hard work and intense competition. I have played multiple sports per season for as long as I can remember. I played on a top rated travel softball team since I was 7, I play on a club soccer team that has been ranked in the Top 10 in Florida, and I played high school and travel basketball. Freshman year in high school, my athletic director encouraged me to play lacrosse. It was the one sport I had never played. It was difficult for me to struggle at first, but I worked extremely hard to learn the game. I fell in love with lacrosse immediately and actually made the varsity team. However, that wasnt good enough for me because I wasnt a starter. My desire to start on varsity and my intense competitive nature pushed me to work harder and get better. Sophomore year I made the varsity team as a starter, but unfortunately our season was cut short because of COVID. I continued to work on my strength, speed, agility, and stick skills. I decided then that I wanted to make lacrosse my priority. Last year, I played club lacrosse for True. I knew I had to get more game experience and True provided that for me. I won MVP in 12 out of 17 games and continued to improve my skills. I was the leading scorer and had the most assists and ground balls on my team. I was recently identified as the Top 25 Players to watch in Tampa 2021. This year I will be playing for the Limitless 2022/23 team.
I currently have a 4.3 GPA and a 1330 on my SAT. I take all AP and Honors courses. I am the President of HOSA and belong to many clubs at my school. I have been awarded honors such as Dean's List, placement in the National Spanish Exam, and captain of my high school soccer team.
My tremendous speed, stick skills, and overall lacrosse IQ make me an elite player. My experience in other sports has raised my awareness on the field. I have a very strong work ethic and constantly strive to improve my game. My drive, hustle, and motivation would be a great match for any elite program.

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Carolyn Keber

May 31, 2021

Dani's speed, agility and natural athleticism are huge strengths of her game. She is a driven and focused player and plays 100% end to end every game. In defense, she reads attack very well and comes up with big interceptions to create fast break transitions to attack. While playing attack, one of Dani's specialties includes an outside shot, with pinpoint accuracy and speed. She comes off picks quickly to receive a feed as a second cutter and explodes through the ball, getting her shot off quickly. Her competitive nature and pure joy of playing the game would make her a great addition to any team!

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