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John Lux

2019 | PA: Cornwall

For a full evaluation of john's development in the Rock Lacrosse program, an evaluation of their skills from our staff and their status in regards to NCAA recruiting please feel free to contact me at any time.

Todd Stiegler

Nov 10, 2017

John is incredibly athletic for a guy with his size. Can get to the goal and has a hard hands free shot as well. Good IQ with huge upside. Does well in the classroom, a good teammates, and a coacheable respectful young man. An asset to any program.

Dan Kaplan

Nov 9, 2017

John is an awesome kid who loves lacrosse. He is an extremely coachable, hardworking, and bright young man. He is very athletic, and has a great frame. Versatile in the fact that he can dodge you, be a stretch shooter, or go inside and work the crease.

Dave Ondrusek

Nov 8, 2017

John is a very good athlete. He is big, strong and athletic. Has a very hard shot both hands. Not afraid to go to the goal. Has good field presence and can make others around him better players.

Will Folk

Sep 13, 2017

John is a great athlete with an incredibly hard shot. He does a great job finding space off ball and looks for the best opportunity to score, whether to pass first or shoot. Has the making of great leader and thinks about what is best for the team.

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