2Way North Lacrosse 2025

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Coleton Bornn
#32: Faceoff
CT: Simsbury
6'2" '25
181 A-
Very coachable, striving for excellence in the classroom and on the field.  
Jack Carpenter
#26: Mid
MA: Florence
5'11" '25
154 A-
Team player with great field vision and IQ. Unselfish playstyle and strong defense from basketball experience. "Competitive athlete that will not be denied" -Kevin Dugan 2way Director. 3 Sport Athlete.  
Jackson Oravec
#29: Mid
MA: Holyoke
6'1" '25
170 A-
Unselfish player, that makes great heads up plays on offense. Number one strength being a lock down SSDM. Tri-sport athlete (soccer and basketball). With main dedication to lacrosse.  
Joey Saunders
#2: Att, Mid
RI: Westerly
5'10" '25
155 B
Im a pass first player, love to see my teammates succeed. Im coachable, competitive, and a multi-sport player, playing soccer in the offseason.  
Keller Mahoney
#3: Att
MA: Northampton
5'8" '25
135 A-
Crafty hard working athlete with superb stick skills, and high lax IQ, 3 sport athlete.  
Mason Buckley
#9: Mid
CT: Canton
6'1" '25
150 A
Persistent, coachable, team player, reads the field, plays with grit, multi-sport athlete.  
Matthew Russo
#39: Goal
CT: West Hartford
5'8" '25
190 A-
Strong communicator, advanced lacrosse IQ, coachable, passionate, and aggressive multi sport athlete  
Patrick Oshaughnessy
#8: Mid
CT: West Hartford
5'5" '25
120 A-
Hard worker, competitive, team player, multi-sport athlete, smart (on and off field).  
Peter Mok
CT: Farmington
5'7" '25
130 A
Avon Old Farms freshman year: 3.87GPA (Head of School list). VarsityB Lacrosse, JV Squash, and Varsity Cross-Country. Founder inventthesummer.org. Looking forward to an even better sophomore year!  
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