Bitmore Lacrosse 2021

Catonsville, Maryland
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Carson Harvill
#32: Att
MD: Ellicott City
5'2" '21
123 A
Coachable, unselfish and smart player, hard worker committed to the sport, excellent understanding of the game. Offensive catalyst with strong passing skills and ability to create own shot.  
Cassidy Burdette
#4: Mid, Draw
MD: Baltimore
5'11" '21
140 A
Tall, true middie with strong lax IQ who wins the draw and impacts both ends of the field; a supportive leader on the field; coachable and competitive; multi-sport/honors student athlete  
Emma Duguay
#23: Att
MD: Severna Park
5'1" '21
125 A
Coachable student-athlete and team player - flexible, dependable and passionate. Multiple sport athlete who is serious on the field and in the classroom.  
Hannah Parsons
#10: Att
MD: Ellicott City
5'7" '21
135 A-
Coachable, team player with a positive attitude. Strong work ethic -- always wanting to be a better player. Multi-sport athlete.  
Katelyn Baur
#18: Mid, Draw
MD: Elkridge
5'7" '21
130 A-
Leader, team player, focused, competitive, multi-sport athlete and honor student.  
Lia Carlesi
#27: Mid, Def
MD: Columbia
5'7" '21
150 A-
Versatile midfielder, coachable and competitive. Team player with strong field awareness and leadership skills. Multi-sport athlete and honors student.  
Madi Rozgonyi
#7: Mid, Def
MD: Elkridge
5'5" '21
115 A
Positive, Coachable Team player & Aggressive, Determined Multi-sport Athlete; Honors student.  
Madison Anthony
#43: Att, Mid
MD: Hanover
5'7" '21
120 A-
Aggressive, Loves the circle! Diligent and Dedicated team player. Multi sport Athlete and Honors Student  
Mia Holland
#63: Def
MD: Ellicott City
5'8" '21
140 A+
Disciplined defender with good grasp of team defense concepts, on-ball defense and good speed. Determined, fierce, hard-worker, plays three sports. Dedicated student with aggressive schedule and all A's.  
Michaella Matanin
#53: Def
MD: Ellicott City
5'4" '21
140 B+
Positive on and off the field, tenacious, coachable, aggressive, multi-sport athlete, strong, motivated, leader  
Skyla Lloyd
#42: Goal
MD: Ellicott City
5'3" '21
135 A-
Dedicated, hardworking, determined, team player, communicator, coachable, and a risk taker. I will always do what's best to help the team!  
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