Carolina Fever 2021

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Abby Pompeo
#98: Att, Mid
NC: Apex
5'4" '21
120 A
High potential; an instinctive, multi-sport athlete; good work ethic, dedicated, team-player (pass first), receives coaching well.  
Abigail Love
#60: Att
NC: Durham
5'5" '21
130 A+
I am a team player that does more for the team to win than individual accolades. I am a three-sport athlete with notable vision and high lacrosse IQ.  
Audrey Hughes
#65: Goal
NC: Raleigh
5'10" '21
150 A
Tall, athletic, multi-sport athlete with the motivation and determination to play at the collegiate level. Off the field: hard-working student and a loving daughter, sister, and friend.  
Caitlyn Hankins
#21: Mid
NC: Raleigh
5'5" '21
125 A-
Fast, athletic, 2 way middie - highly coachable, high Lax IQ- excellent teammate. Multi-sport athlete.  
Caroline Dillon
#83: Mid, Def
NJ: Neptune
5'5" '21
125 A+
Strong LaxIQ. I’m well rounded on and off the field. I’m a coachable athlete and I put my teammates first.  
Clare Whittelsey
#111: Att, Mid, Draw
NC: Cary
5'6" '21
120 A
Team player with a great attitude, multi-sport athlete who loves to compete. Agressive and determined nature with a passion for the game.  
Deja Tucci
#2: Mid, Def
NC: Wilmington
5'2" '21
117 A-
Im disciplined on and off the field . I like to be pushed past my comfort zone , determined and aggressive athlete .  
Elizabeth Sriraman
#1: Att
NC: Raleigh
5'5" '21
110 A-
Hard worker, I give 120%, great Lax IQ, and a team player. Multi sport athlete, strong academic success, strong leader .I love to learn new ways to grow!  
Reagan Terrell
NC: Cary
5'10" '21
150 A+
defender with good sense of space; strong field presence; highly communicative; high lax IQ; coachable  
Talia Zuco
#62: Mid
NC: Chapel Hill
5'6" '21
125 A-
Multi -sport athlete with excellent speed and quickness. Team first attitude that will play any position needed to help team win. Just love to compete.  
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