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Aerin O'Brien
#6: Goal
NY: Suffern
5'6" '22
I work hard, am motivated and demonstrate good sportsmanship in all the sports I participate in.  
Arianna Burns
#17: Att, Mid, Def
NY: Kingston
5'6" '22
131 B+
I am an all around athlete and team player. I have been an all-star in high school lacrosse and soccer. I am determined, fast, and aggressive on the field.  
Callie Drab
#4: Att
NY: Suffern
5'6" '22
My ability to go lefty and righty.  
Clark Powers
#3: Mid, Def
NY: Piermont
5'5" '22
125 A-
Aggressive, play multiple positions, determined, fast, coachable, disciplined  
Donatella DeCicco
#25: Att, Mid
NY: Kingston
5'2" '22
125 A+
Exceptional Lax IQ, Coachable Team Player that's not Afraid to play Defense from the Attack Position , Aggressive, Plays Under Control, Play Multiple Sports  
Emma Torkoff
#67: Att, Mid, Draw
ON: Washago
5'10" '22
140 A-
Coach-able, high lacrosse IQ, excellent feeder, hard working, leader, reliable, and dedicated with strong stick skills both left & right handed, great shot, fast, multi-sport athlete, dedicated to my academics.  
Felicity Heilferty
#1: Goal
NY: Westtown
5'7" '22
130 A-
With a strong Lax IQ, I actively communicate with teammates from my vantage point as goalie. I am consistently focused on & determined to improve my game.  
Hampton Zidlicky
#18: Def
NY: New York
5'6" '22
126 A
Coachable, great defensive field-sense, ultra-competitive, and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Jansen Wetzel
#33: Att
NY: Hillburn
5'5" '22
110 B+
Coachable, competitive team player with great attitude. Disciplined and reliable on and off the lacrosse field. Gets along well with teammates and willing to do what's best for the team.  
Jessica McCabe
#52: Att
NY: Pearl River
5'8" '22
I am hard working, coachable, and dedicated.  
Kellie Linehan
#23: Mid, Def, Draw
NY: Blauvelt
5'8" '22
140 A+
Competitive, driven, multi-sport athlete with high overall sports IQ. I have been captain in all 3 sports. Over 103 GPA. Team-first mentality and can play midfield/draw and defense.  
Kelly Hoxie
#3: Att, Mid
NY: Nassau
5'8" '22
135 A-
Coachable, good offensive reads, strong right to left moves. Team player, good field vision. Volunteer in community youth field hockey and lacrosse programs.  
Laura Reese Montagna
Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Ridgewood
5'10" '22
150 A
Under Armour All-America 2020 Team. 90% Draw Controls My height (5'10) and Athleticism makes me a Game Changer!!! Coachable and Versatile with a High Lax IQ!!!  
Mia Dinnocenzio
#10: Mid, Def, Draw
NY: New Windsor
5'6" '22
128 A+
A multi-sport athlete, that loves lacrosse and the challenge of competing at the highest level possible.  
Morgan Reilly
#22: Att
NJ: Ridgewood
5'8" '22
130 A+
GPA 3.9, Maverik National Classic- team NJ/all star team, 2019 WPLL Futures Team Invite, 2019, 2020 Cascade Elite 80 2019 ,2020 NORTHSTAR Invitational  
Nicole Panny
#21: Att, Mid
NY: Mahopac
5'6" '22
120 A-
I work hard to achieve what I set my mind to and always there to help other on and off the field. High lax iQ. Play hard and listen well  
Olivia Ballard
#21: Mid, Def
NY: Mechanciville
5'7" '22
145 A
I am a multi sports athlete with a passion for lacrosse and my team. I am always working to improve myself on and off the field.  
Rowan Hall
#16: Def
NY: Sloatsburg
5'7" '22
130 A
Aggressive multi-sport athlete, with a strong passion towards the game, hardworker with discipline and confidence. A team leader who is willing to make her teammates better and is very vocal.  
Sophia Pope
#15: Att, Mid
NY: New City
5'2" '22
115 A
Strong stick skills, hardworking, aggressive, athletic, coachable, a drive to be better, a positive attitude on and off the field  
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Nov 13-14 '21
NJ: New Egypt
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