Coppermine Girls 2022

Baltimore, Maryland
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Ava Mowrey
#32: Att, Mid, Draw
MD: Reisterstown
5'7" '22
135 A
Extremely coachable multi-sport athlete. Varsity/Club Field Hockey & Lacrosse. Disciplined team player with a strong field sense and knowledge of the game. A leader on and off the field.  
Avery Paul
#13: Def
MD: Baltimore
5'10" '22
150 A
3 Sport Athlete ( Lacrosse, Basketball and Soccer) aggressive defender who uses size and strength on the low crease. JV Player of year in 2018-2019  
Brooke Blades
#5: Mid
MD: Woolford
5'4" '22
Humble, athletic, hard-working, coachable, multi-sport athlete, that is always striving to be better  
Brooke Murrell
#17: Def
MD: Perryville
5'6" '22
110 A+
Hard worker, good communicator, aggressive, and leader on and off the field.  
Cameron Gemmill
#24: Att, Mid, Draw
MD: Stevenson
5'8" '22
140 B+
Coachable, multi-sport, team player, hard working  
Ellie Puente
#11: Goal
MD: Hunt Valley
5'8" '22
120 A
Driven, competitive mentally tough team player with strong field sense and timing - hard working and consistent multi-sport athlete.  
Emily Ryan
#37: Att, Mid
MD: Parkville
5'4" '22
110 B+
Extremely coachable, versatile, hard worker, leader on field, great teammate, smart and shifty, disciplined, and strong lax IQ  
Jamie Lastner
#30: Att, Mid
MD: Hunt Valley
5'4" '22
120 A
I am a coachable, disciplined, and determined multi-sport athlete and am always looking for a way to improve my game.  
Kara Janishefski
#16: Att, Mid, Draw
MD: Towson
5'10" '22
155 A
Multi sport athlete (lacrosse, volleyball, track, Irish dance), strong lefty, team player, prepared and coachable, leader on the field, ready to play the sport I love :)  
Laci Welch
#12: Att, Mid
MD: Salisbury
5'4" '22
130 A
Highly motivated, coachable, team player who loves the game of Lacrosse and can play anywhere on the field.  
Mackey Fick
#15: Def
MD: Timonium
5'9" '22
130 A
Coachable, multi-sport athlete - team player who has a great defensive understanding of the game - sees the field well - hardworking who goes the extra mile  
Malorie Brody
#42: Goal
MD: Phoenix
5'5" '22
145 A-
Coachable, and multi-sport athlete. loves to give it my all every time on the field, and never plays down to the level of another team!  
Piper Evans
#20: Att
MD: Chestertown
5'5" '22
135 B+
Positive selfless team player with quick feet ,aggressive on attack and confident re defending. Strengths include back of the cage w/ fast break around crease to goal.  
Riley Fick
#3: Att, Mid
MD: Timonium
5'8" '22
125 A
Hard-working student athlete - honor roll student with 3.8 GPA - play both basketball and lacrosse - coachable - great field sense - great feeder with a strong stick.  
Sofia Konkolics
#18: Att, Mid, Def
MD: Hunt Valley
5'8" '22
120 A+
Feisty, strategic and developed lacrosse IQ, team player, coachable, aggressive, determined to succeed both on the field and in the classroom.  
Sydney Taylor
#8: Att, Mid
MD: Reisterstown
5'4" '22
115 A
I am very coachable and have good field sense. I work hard and am an aggressive multi sport athlete, including lacrosse, tennis and basketball.  
Virginia Heffernan
#10: Def
MD: Lutherville
5'4" '20
130 B+
Extremely coachable, team player with a strong lax IQ, hard worker, aggressive, highly motivated, multi sport athlete, leader on and off the field  
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