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Wayne, Pennsylvania
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Ahnika Eberl
#00: Goal
NJ: Pittsgrove
5'4" '21
120 A+
Hard worker, determined, aggressive, multisport, leader, smart player  
Alana Mandato
#6: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Telford
5'5" '22
120 A
Unparalleled work ethic. Coachable. Team player. Can play any position on the field. Multi-sport athlete. Scoring and Defensive threat. Leader on the field.  
Anastasia Ciminera
#7: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Media
5'9" '22
130 A
Aggressive, determined, multi-sport athlete, strong lax IQ, and I always do my best to give a hundred and ten percent.  
Bella King
#16: Att, Mid, Def
PA: Morton
5'4" '22
110 A-
Coachable, team player, scrappy, fast, able to make plays happen, community service club, yearbook club, UNICEF club, mini-thon participant  
Curran Penot
#42: Mid, Def
PA: Clifton Heights
5'5" '22
110 A
Intense, team player, multi-sport athlete, coachable, hard working, dynamic.  
Ella Dudley
#33: Att, Mid
PA: Unionville Pa
5'6" '22
125 A
Very coachable, determined, athletic, aggressive, multi-sport athlete.  
Elle Slachta
#5: Mid, Def
PA: West Chester
5'8" '22
I am a multi-sport varsity athlete, extremely determined and motivated to give 100% in everything I do, coachable, aggressive, leader, strong lax IQ, and overall hard-working, positive attitude.  
Ellie Miller
#12: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Media
5'9" '22
140 A+
I have great hands and a beautiful, strong shot, and a nice release with great placement.A dual threat with good field vision and precision passing. Coachable and a team player.  
Emma Rowland
#11: Mid, Def
PA: Havertown
5'9" '22
135 A
I am coachable, extremely aggressive, competitive, determined, high Lax IQ, giving more than 100% in everything I do. I am a gritty multi-sport athlete playing at a high level.  
Emma Schrandt
#18: Def
PA: Warrington
5'3" '22
115 A
Coachable- always looking for ways to improve; Multi-sport athlete, determined & positive leader, aggressive defender, always gives 100%  
Izzy Fiore
#15: Att
PA: Chalfont
5'5" '22
130 A-
Well disciplined, coachable, team player, multi-sport athlete - possess strong Lax IQ with great vision of the field, strong shot, and makes great feeds.  
Julia Dever
#43: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Broomall
5'6" '22
coachable, positive attitude, smart, extremely aggressive and hardworking, disciplined and a great multi-sport athlete.  
Julia Flaherty
#24: Att, Mid
PA: Springfield
5'4" '22
118 A-
Coachable, determined, multi-sport athlete works well with teammates/coaches. Committed to the game of lacrosse.  
Kate Kirchgasser
#22: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Media
5'10" '22
135 B+
Hard worker, coachable, team player, determined, outgoing, multi-sport athlete.  
Kellie McCarthy
#02: Att, Mid
PA: Media
5'3" '22
114 A-
Coachable, disciplined, team player, and multi-sport athlete.  
Lexi Culp
#23: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Springfield
5'7" '22
120 A+
Determined, hard-worker, coachable, positive, aggressive, scrappy, gritty, multi-sport athlete, disciplined, team-player with strong lax IQ,  
Mia Scarduzio
#13: Mid
PA: Springfield
5'3" '22
125 B+
Im very aggressive at the game, easy to coach and I always want to be a good example to others on and off the field.  
Peyton Turner
#98: Mid, Def
PA: Plymouth Meeting
5'8" '22
160 A
Coachable, fast, and a great team player with a strong willingness to learn and improve. Very disciplined, determined and an aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Rachel Kolton
#1: Att
PA: Bala Cynwyd
5'0" '22
108 A-
Explosively fast, motivated with excellent stick work and positive attitude - coachable, team oriented, strong work ethic, and dedicated multi-sport athlete.  
Rebecca McCurdy
#41: Mid, Def
PA: Newtown Square
5'3" '22
120 B+
Team player who responds well to coach feedback. Consistently looking to build on skills that will benefit my lax teams. Lax IQ reinforced by refereeing and coaching youth lacrosse.  
Sheila Esgro
#8: Att, Mid
PA: Villanova
5'7" '21
115 A
I am very strong with both left and right hands working hard to shot placement & on field leadership. Radnor HS and Dynasty Elite are both very competitive programs.  
Sophia Desderio
#30: Att, Def
PA: Lincoln University
5'8" '22
155 A+
I am an extremely coachable, aggressive, devoted, and determined player. I always work hard and put in my best effort. 4.3 unweighted GPA. AP and honors classes. Honor roll  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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