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Audrey Beck
#16: Att, Mid
PA: Collegeville
5'6" '23
130 A-
I am a very hardworking, both on and off the field. I enjoy practice and improving my skills. I am aggressive, coachable, very fast, and above all dedicated to Lacrosse.  
Audrey Silverman
#35: Mid, Def, Faceoff
PA: Meadowbrook
5'8" '23
150 A+
Physically strong with excellent game awareness. Aggressive defender. Great team player. Loves the game and eminently coachable.  
Avery Bickell
#17: Mid, Draw
PA: Narberth
5'7" '23
125 A-
Fast and versatile two-way playmaker who performs under pressure and in tight spaces.  
Brooke Hill
#34: Goal
NJ: Skillman
5'5" '23
124 A+
Disciplined athlete and student - coachable, self-critical, reliable and relentless drive for team and individual success.  
Carley Smith
#61: Mid, Def
PA: E. Greenville
5'5" '23
135 A+
Intuitive, vocal, and coachable defender with excellent stick skills and a devotion to the sport of lacrosse.  
Claire Natoli
#6: Mid, Draw
PA: Doylestown
5'7" '23
132 A+
Intense multi-sport athlete, dominant two-way midfielder, high IQ, key communicator, natural leader, creative, dynamic aggressive player, both hands dominant. Being a change agent on the field.  
Elizabeth McGurk
#7: Att, Mid
PA: Glen Mills
5'10" '23
130 A
Strong field IQ, coachable, multi-sport athlete (basketball, cross country), determined, aggressive, scrappy, quick learner.  
Emily Hollinger
#19: Att
PA: Macungie
5'4" '23
114 A-
Explosive, coachable, driven athlete with great lax IQ, aggressive re-defend, and strong stick skills and shot placement both right and left hand. Team leader on and off the field.  
Grace Gannon
#25: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Jamison
5'6" '23
130 A+
Two year starter at midfield. I play with passion and intelligence. I have a great attitude and love my teammates. I'm an excellent student involved in my community.  
Grace Rosica
#41: Mid, Draw
PA: Dublin
5'6" '23
110 A
Coachable, team player and leader that pushes herself and others. Determined, aggressive, disciplined, and hardworking multi-sport athlete.  
Kate Donovan
#12: Mid, Def
PA: Maple Glen
5'4" '23
125 A+
Multi-sport athlete known for toughness, speed, grit, and hustle; natural leader and respected teammate; strong off the circle; excellent fitness  
Kaylee VanVladricken
#15: Att, Mid
PA: West Chester
5'2" '23
130 A-
Coachable, team player, aggressive, quick off ball, determined, hustles after the ball, multi sport athlete.  
Laura Conner
#3: Att, Mid
PA: Wallingford
5'6" '23
140 B+
Coachable, team player. Can see the field really well.Plays varsity field hockey, varsity basketball, and varsity lacrosse.  
Lillian Games
#26: Att
PA: Wayne
5'7" '23
145 A+
Confident player with High Lax IQ, aggressive, Highly skilled, multi sport athlete, accuracy when shooting/passing, relentless redefender, leader on and off the field.  
Mackenzie Hand
#75: Goal
PA: Springfield
5'9" '23
180 A+
Very Coachable, Team player, multi-sport athlete, high lax IQ, very focused in the cage, vocal  
Madelyn Sharkey
#74: Mid
PA: Springfield
5'8" '23
125 A-
Speedy, coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ. Multi-sport athlete who is determined to improve at the game.  
Megan Sanelli
#22: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Collegeville
5'4" '23
115 A-
Determined and hard working lax player with a strong lax IQ. Very coachable, multi sport athlete and a team player.  
Olivia Summers
#23: Mid, Def
PA: Philadelphia
5'7" '23
140 A
Competitive, multi-sport athlete with team-first mindset.  
Sabrina Burnetta
#9: Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Villanova
5'8" '23
130 A+
4.22 GPA, quick, aggressive to the ball, hardworking team player, multi-sport athlete, with a high lacrosse IQ.  
Tessa Mahoney
#50: Mid, Def
PA: Villanova
5'7" '23
125 A
Coachable, rapidly improving, intelligent on and off the field, team player  
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Champions Cup
Jun 18-20 '21
National Club Invitational
Jul 10-11 '21
NJ: Lawrenceville
Live Love Lax Tournament
Jun 12-13 '21
MD: Bel Air
LAX For the Cure Summer (Jersey)
Jun 25-27 '21
NJ: New Egpyt
MidAtlantic Summer Club Championships
Jul 17-18 '21
MD: Owings Mills
Navy Rivalry Challenge
Nov 7 '21
MD: Annapolis
LAX For The Cure Fall Showcase (NJ)
Nov 13-14 '21
NJ: New Egypt
Presidents Cup
Nov 19-21 '21
TX: Dallas
Prime Time
Nov 6 '21
Maryland Lacrosse Showcase Girls
Jul 19-20 '21
MD: Elkridge
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