Edge Lacrosse Mens 2021

Oakville, Ontario
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Men's 2021 grads on elite travel teams.
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Ben Kavanagh
#21: Mid
ON: Burlington
5'11" '21
172 A
Leader, team player with very strong lacrosse IQ and coachability. Can score and play aggressive D. Very dedicated academically and athletically.  
Braedon Saris
#11: Att, Mid
ON: Burlington
6'3" '21
205 A+
Coachable, disciplined player, played multiple sports, highly motivated both academically and on the lacrosse field.  
Bryan Poetker
Att, Mid
ON: Toronto
5'8" '21
147 A-
Speed, Coachable, High lacrosse IQ, disciplined, hard shot, shifty dodger  
Coltrane Tyson
#3: Att
ON: Burlington
6'5" '21
180 B+
Mental toughness, keen ability to make plays and see the entire field, genuine commitment to team, with strong work ethic  
Cristian Lazzairno
Def, LSM
ON: Vaughan
5'11" '20
160 A
Aggressive, Calculated, Coachable, Adaptable, Cool, Calm, and collective when needed, explosive when needed, Tough, Determined, Strong Lax IQ, Team Player.  
Holden Deck
#9: Att
ON: Toronto
5'11" '21
163 B
Multisport athlete, Hard dodger, and Team player.  
Hudson Thomson
Att, Mid
ON: Toronto
6'0" '20
160 NA
Tall lefty attack, super hard and accurate shot and high IQ.  
James Gray
Def, LSM
ON: Toronto
6'0" '21
155 B+
Hard working, smart, driven multi-sport athlete with high lacrosse IQ, strong stick and off ball skills  
Jayden Smith
#5: Def, Draw, LSM
ON: Brantford
5'8" '21
175 A
Leadership skills on & off the field, coachable, communicator on defence, strong Lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, great stick skills, honours  
Josh Fairey
#19: Def, LSM
ON: Guelph
6'2" '20
185 B+
Coachable, team player/leader. Great stick skills and great speed. Multi-sport athlete.  
Kaz Nizielski
#8: Def, LSM
ON: Hamilton
5'9" '21
165 A
Coachable, multi-sport athlete, with great strength, endurance, footwork and speed. Strong defense and transition player.  
Kobe Handsor
#16: Def, LSM
ON: Brooklin
6'0" '20
175 B
Exceptional athleticism displayed in multiple sports. Shut down, gritty defence. Coachable, unselfish team player. Competitive and composed under pressure.  
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