Faceoff Academy 2019

New York, New York
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Class of 2019 Faceoff Academy Players. We strive to create well-rounded athletes with the ability to contribute to their teams offensively, defensively, and at the faceoff X.
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Adam Gallop
#10: Faceoff, Draw
NB: Keswick Ridge
5'11" '19
145 A+
A team player with great sports IQ that has a desire to get better every day through instruction and hard work. Dedication and intensity describe me.  
Jake Rodriquez
#40: Mid, Faceoff
AZ: Phoenix
6'0" '19
150 B
My coaches say that I am very coachable and hustle at all times. My drive and ability to take direction make me a great leader on and off the field!  
James Hogan
#01: Mid, Faceoff
NJ: Ridgewood
5'5" '19
142 A+
Team player, hard worker, positive attitude and leader  
John Ludenia
#19: Def, Faceoff, LSM
NC: Cary
6'2" '19
180 A
Team player, coachable, high lacrosse iq, head on a swivel , determined, eager to learn, character of athlete.  
John McKee
#2: Faceoff
VA: Virginia Beach
5'4" '19
110 B+
Strong lacrosse IQ, multi-sport athlete, good at the x, great stick skills, lots of experience  
Josh Bell
#20: Mid, Faceoff
GA: Cumming
5'7" '19
126 A
I am always looking to become better, I will always put in the work, and I am a very coachable player, I am also a very friendly and likeable person  
Logan Wedder
#99: Def, Faceoff
MI: Grand Rapids
5'8" '19
145 A
At present date, seven years lacrosse experience in multiple positions, specializing in defense and FO. Disciplined and goal-oriented.  
Luke Leffingwell
#41: Mid, Faceoff, Draw
TX: Southlake
5'10" '19
155 A+
Disciplined, extremely athletic team player with strong LAX IQ - a well rounded, agressive, dedicated and coachable multi-sport athlete.  
Maxwell Tetreault
#41: Mid, Faceoff
RI: Cranston
6'0" '19
170 A-
Determined. I never give up. Great team player that loves booking an assist as much as scoring a goal.  
Nicolas Gutierrez
#13: Mid, Faceoff
PA: Lititz
5'10" '19
165 A
Determined and coachable player. Quick hands and feet. Comfortable playing with right and left. Always trying to improve my skills.  
Noah Ehinger
#17: Mid, Faceoff
NC: Wilmington
5'6" '19
155 A-
Very coachable, quiet leader, great scorer, great team leader, determined, aggressive and very confident in my skills  
Robert Almand
#10: Mid, Faceoff
TX: Austin
5'6" '19
I am currently on West Coast Starz national team and Team Texas.  
Shane Santora
Mid, Faceoff
NY: Bayport
5'8" '19
145 A
I am a relentless, hardworking player as well as student. I am the starting Faceoff player and an undefeated wrestler as a 9th grader on my Varsity HS teams.  
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