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Ava Gesner
#9: Mid, Def, Draw
MA: Norton
5'3" '21
117 B+
Team player, coachable, quick, determined, aggressive, multisport player.  
Isabelle Demeritt
#27: Mid, Def
MA: Acton
5'10" '21
120 A-
Focused, self disciplined, team player, with strong Lax IQ, and skills to play anywhere on the field. Multi-sport athlete, with a diligent academic and physical work ethic.  
Katie Faust
#51: Mid
MA: Medfield
5'6" '21
122 A-
Athletic and strong multi-sport athlete that desires strong team environment. Key strengths are speed, competitiveness, and coachability.  
Lindsy Durgin
#56: Att, Mid, Def
MA: Rochester
5'7" '21
130 B
Versatile field player willing to be aggressive in any position needed. Strong field awareness and a drive to compete. Determined, positive multi-sport athlete!  
Margaret Carroll
#32: Att, Mid, Draw
MA: Fairhaven
5'6" '21
130 A-
Coachable, team player. Gets after ground balls. Plays equally well with both hands, great endurance with quick first step. Sees the field well.  
Mary Dougherty
MA: Natick
5'8" '21
115 A-
Highly coachable, hard working player; quiet leader with a very positive attitude and excellent speed and endurance (also a Varisty XC and indoor track athlete)  
Peyton Mellman
#22: Att, Mid
MA: Wrentham
5'5" '21
140 A+
Disciplined and compassionate, team player with a strong Lac IQ - driven, tenacious, reliable, positive, and coachable  
Tiffany Mikulis
#34: Mid
MA: Hopkinton
5'6" '21
123 A
Very coachable, athletic team player with strong field presence. Excellent offensive and defensive skills. Unselfish with passing and have been selected to face-guard opponents best player.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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