HEADstrong Philly Girls 2022

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
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Brynn Reilly
#13: Att, Def
PA: New Britain
5'5" '22
124 A
I have a strong work ethic and love to play lacrosse  
Camille Hubbs
#42: Goal
PA: Gwynedd
5'4" '22
148 B+
Playing goalie is my passion, and I have played for two club teams now and for my high school varsity team. I'm also working on earning my lacrosse ref certification.  
Ella Burget
#22: Def
PA: Lansdale
5'7" '22
140 A-
coachable, strong team player, very vocal defensive player, emerging leader on the field, able to anticipate plays and anchor defense  
Emma Baker
#05: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Jeffersonville
5'4" '22
117 A
Determined , coachable, aggressive. Quick and fast, multi-sport athlete with high lacrosse IQ. Strong work ethic.  
Emma Ives
#8: Mid, Def
PA: New Hope
5'9" '22
122 A
Multi-Sport athlete, coachable, team player, second year starter as a Sophomore for my high school team  
Emma Warner
PA: Meadowbrook
5'4" '22
105 A-
Coachable, love to learn, will always work hard  
Jordan Baily
#28: Att
PA: Lansdale
5'8" '22
125 A-
Strong Lacrosse IQ, Coachable, Determined, Team Player, Passionate  
Kyra Emery
PA: Springcity
5'3" '22
130 A-
Coachable ,Aggressive player, very Determined and disciplined multi sport athlete  
Marisa Tommarello
#9: Att, Mid, Def
PA: Lansdale
5'3" '22
122 B+
I will play any position my coach needs me in and listen to my coaches if they have tips for me. I am a determined player and takes things seriously  
Morgan Pizzi
#34: Def
PA: Collegeville
5'5" '22
145 A-
Coach able, Strong team leader and strong defender. Excellent double hand skills. Excel at multiple sports. Great student.  
Nicolette Machado
#30: Def
PA: Fountainville
5'2" '22
120 A-
I am a determined and aggresive multi-sport player (Lax and FH). I can easy transition between attack and defense. I am a hard worker with good Lax IQ.  
Rebecca Baker
#81: Def
PA: Jeffersonville
5'2" '22
122 A-
understand positioning for defense. Great work ethic. Always willing to learn and very coachable. Team player. I love the sport along with soccer  
Rebecca Clark
#2: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Huntingdon Valley
5'7" '22
125 B+
I am a coachable team player and play multiple sports to stay in shape. Coaches will see hustle and effort from me on and off the field.  
Riley Horoshko
#43: Goal
PA: Macungie
5'10" '22
multi-sport varsity athlete, very coachable, team player, determined to grow and learn, high spirited, and competitive.  
Talitha Cheng
#1: Att, Mid
PA: Rydal
5'3" '22
Hard-working, coachable player. Want to constantly improve and learn. Team player and two sport athlete.  
Tess Reardon
#21: Att
PA: Maple Glen
5'7" '22
120 A
Coachable, hard-working, and not a selfish player on attack. I love the sport and am coachable.  
Wren Castor
#16: Att, Mid
PA: Jenkintown
5'8" '22
135 C+
great at listening, allaying trying to improve. very dedicated and determined never give up.  
Zoe Schaedle
#10: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
PA: Philadelphia
5'6" '22
125 A
Motivated, hardworking, and coachable. A team player who is goal-oriented and supportive and is a multi sport athlete who loves the game of lacrosse!  
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