Integrity 2022

Davidsonville, Maryland
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Abaigeal Robertson
#48: Mid, Def
MD: Glen Burnie
5'7" '22
132 A+
Aggressive defender, Coachable, Strong Lax IQ, Leader, Team Player  
Aislinn Sax
#13: Def
MD: Riva
5'4" '22
Student athlete who is of high character; a disciplined, relentless, and aggressive player who places the team first and enjoys the grind.  
Allison Weaver
#14: Att, Mid
MD: Sunderland
5'2" '22
125 A
Team Captain. Coachable and a team player. Can be a leader, good at reading the field from all angles and a determined athlete.  
Carsyn Smith
#7: Mid, Def
MD: Crownsville
5'5" '22
135 A-
Coachable, strong Lax IQ, Hardworking, multi-sport athlete  
Casey Ulehla
#2: Att
MD: Annapolis
5'6" '22
115 A-
Team player, strong lacrosse IQ, hardworking and determined.  
Christina Androus
#10: Att
MD: Annapolis
5'8" '22
150 A-
Multiple sport athlete, mentally and physically strong, team player- I not only want to give my 100% but I also want to help my teammates achieve there goals.  
Clare Russell
#37: Att, Mid
MD: Severna Park
5'3" '22
130 B+
Determined player, strong Lax IQ and sense of field awareness. Team player who takes pride in being coachable and mentally tough  
Ella May Corckran
#28: Att
MD: Annapolis
5'6" '22
110 A-
Multisport ahtlete, determined, aggressive  
Elsa Emling
#87: Mid, Draw
MD: Davidsonville
5'10" '22
150 A-
Fast, strong, multi-sport athlete, determined, encouraging, team player, hard-working  
Grace Green
#43: Att
MD: Riva
5'2" '22
95 A+
Lots of stamina, multi-sport athlete, very coachable, mentally and physically tough, aggressive, strong lacrosse IQ, puts so much energy into playing, determined to win.  
Lauren Recktenwald
#76: Def
MD: Odenton
5'7" '22
145 B+
very motivated, determined, team player, multi sport athlete. I am very coachable and listen.  
Lauren Schoenberger
#15: Mid, Def
MD: Crofton
5'8" '22
140 A-
Fast, compassionate, always focused on and off the field, multi-sport athlete.  
Lindsey Hinrichs
#29: Mid, Draw
MD: Annapolis
5'9" '23
120 A-
Hard working, multi-sport athlete, but loves lacrosse the most, strength in the transition play  
Maddie Sweeney
#17: Def
MD: Edgewater
5'7" '22
156 A-
Coachable, determined, aggressive, leader, multi-sport athlete  
Mags Hoehn
#25: Def
MD: Baltimore
5'1" '22
136 B+
Aggressive, always ready to play, understands the game, and has good work ethic!  
Megan Mollman
#23: Goal
MD: Chester
5'7" '22
150 A-
I work hard during the season and in the off-season. I am active and aggressive in goal and a vocal leader on Defense. Multi-sport athlete (Soccer Goalie).  
Olivia Bushee
#21: Att
MD: Edgewater
5'2" '22
110 A-
I am a team player, hard working and responsible.  
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