LBC Lady Blue Crabs 2023 Red

Crumpton, Maryland
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2023 grads
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Caitlyn Hoen
#20: Mid, Draw
MD: Bishopville
5'10" '23
135 A
Life-long multi-sport athlete. Only 2-years of organized lacrosse and improving rapidly. Exceptionally coachable and working hard daily to be able to contribute at the collegiate level  
Gracie Engle
#8: Mid, Def
MD: Ocean City
5'7" '23
Coachable, Encouraging, Multi Sport Athlete, Aggressive, Determined  
Hailey Mcbride
#10: Def
MD: Ocean City
5'3" '23
124 B
Ive been playing since 2nd grade, coachable, aggressive, determined to get better, hard working, team player, right hand dominate, can catch and throw both left and right.  
Jacqueline Thomas
#42: Mid, Def
DE: Lewes
5'4" '23
125 A+
Coachable, friendly, hardworking, aggressive multi-sport athlete  
Jessica Beck
#28: Goal
MD: Ocean City
5'9" '23
Multifaceted, three sport athlete involved many interests with a high sports IQ and great self-discipline.  
Mia Schultz
#3: Att, Mid
DE: Clayton
5'9" '23
130 A-
Multi-sport athlete, have been playing since 1st grade, coachable, hardworking, and willing to learn  
Renee Fohner
#2: Def
MD: Ocean City
5'2" '23
135 A
determined, coachable, leader, strong lax IQ  
Sydney Milan
#18: Def
DE: Camden Wyoming
5'7" '23
145 A+
I am a coachable multi-sport athlete who is aggressive on the field and is a great team player. I strive to be an athlete who helps my team win.  
Tatum Vorsteg
#7: Att
MD: Bishopville
5'10" '23
165 A-
Coachable player, willing to try new things, good field sense and Lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, leader on the field, strong communication skills, hard worker on and off the field.  
Zoe Brafman
#36: Att
DE: Rehoboth Beach
5'0" '23
120 A+
Selfless team player. Know where to be on the field and when to be there. Aggressive and quick.  
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