Mad Dog NJ North Girls 2020

Manasquan, New Jersey
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2020 grads
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Abigail Stephenson
#91: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Livingston
5'5" '20
126 A-
Easy to coach, strong, determined, and personable athlete.  
Brooke McKenna
#71: Def
NJ: Ridgewood
5'11" '20
155 A
Three sport athlete. Coachable, hardworking, team player.  
Caroline McCormack
#60: Mid
NJ: Ridgewood
5'8" '20
123 A-
My best attributes are speed, stamina, intensity and multi-sport athleticism. Coachable, determined, team player, enthusiastic and hard working.  
Caroline Roxas
#11: Att
NJ: Ridgewood
5'4" '20
125 A-
Coachable, great at reading teammates and seeing whole field, positive attitude, good decision maker under pressure, quick first step.  
Caroline Wright
#65: Def, Draw
NJ: Mahwah
5'8" '20
140 B+
Hi, My name is Caroline, I'm Energetic, dedicated team player. Coachable, with a strong Lax IQ -strong stick skills  
Emily Mitarotonda
Mid, Draw
NJ: Dover
5'7" '20
121 A-
adapt to all situations, team player who can fix there mistakes, aggressive and determined.  
Emma Kunz
#58: Att, Def
NJ: Ramsey
5'6" '20
135 A-
Extremely loyal, coachable, team oriented, fast learner with the desire to be the best lax player and student possible  
Hailey Aber
#92: Goal
NJ: Denville,
5'5" '20
125 B+
I'm a team player, determined, aggressive, multi-sport athlete, eager to take advise on improving skills, drive and ambition to be a goalie in college.  
Hailey Sapoff
Mid, Def
NJ: Glen Rock
5'3" '20
115 A-
I am a determined, coachable and hardworking multi-sport athlete.  
Hannah McNamara
#61: Att, Mid
NJ: Mahwah
6'0" '20
160 B+
Big size advantage on the field, strong lacrosse IQ, understands coaches opinion and works off it. Determined multi-sport athlete.  
Hannah Schlett
#64: Def
NJ: Glen Rock
5'2" '20
111 B+
Very coachable, hardworking, aggressive, team player, very determined and motivated.  
Jayne Manzelli
#15: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: River Edge
5'2" '20
130 B+
Uses both hands, speed, quick change of directions, aggressive & tough player  
Jordan Petersen
NJ: Waldwick, Nj 07463
5'3" '20
123 B
Aggressive & Strong, 3-sport athlete, team player with vision of the whole field.  
Leah Silvestri
#78: Att
NJ: Livingston
5'6" '20
130 A-
Coachable, team player, disciplined, determined, tenacious, a player with a high lacrosse IQ, and a multi-sport athlete.  
Mackenzi Furlong
#79: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Denville
5'3" '20
115 B+
Team player with excellent field vision. Multi-sport athlete. I want to win!  
Maddie Anemone
#55: Mid, Def
NJ: West Caldwell
5'4" '20
125 B
Strong work ethic, determined, a team player, versatile, and an easy player to coach.  
Maggie Horan
#77: Def
NY: Stony Point
5'8" '20
145 A-
Coachable, team player who always gives 100% in practices and in games - disciplined, determined, aggressive, and vocal multi-sport athlete.  
Nora Donnelly
#53: Att, Mid
NJ: Ridgewood
5'8" '20
130 A+
Intelligent, motivated, determined, very coachable and willing to work hard. Top student, high GPA with AP and Honors classes.  
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