Mad Dog NJ North Girls 2022

Manasquan, New Jersey
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Abby Reed
#57: Goal
NJ: Glen Rock
5'10" '22
Coachable, multi-sport athlete. Always looking to improve, welcomes feedback. I've been working incredibly hard with my goalie coach to get better every day.  
Abigail Nolan
#62: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
NJ: West Orange
5'7" '22
120 A-
I am a fast and athletic midfielder who can draw and is equally capable with both hands. I am passionate, determined, and always ready to learn.  
Annie Malkan
#50: Mid, Def
NY: Florida
5'5" '22
120 A
Coachable, dedicated, dominant team player that sees the field and can be a leader. Great speed and stick skills. VERY SUCCESSFUL MIDFIELDER AND DEFENSE PLAYER!  
Caitlin Petrellese
#49: Mid, Def
NY: Bardonia
5'4" '22
120 A
Coachable, driven, strong lax IQ, solid right and left hand and focused on the field and in the classroom; always giving 110%.  
Courtney McKenna
#77: Mid, Draw
NJ: Ridgewood
6'1" '22
155 A+
Versatile, multi-sport athlete, excellent student, coachable team player, athletic quick thinker and leader.  
Emily Danahy
#33: Att
NJ: Oradell
5'4" '22
125 A
Relentless with the ball. Strong vision with the intent to pass first. Natural scorer with strong and accurate shot from both sides. Coachable with strong lax IQ.  
Emma Muchnick
#54: Mid, Draw
NY: Montebello
5'4" '22
125 A+
A Fierce Competitor who is exceptionally athletic. I have an undying passion to play with the spirit of the game. I am a coachable multi-sport athlete.  
Gabrielle Montegari
#39: Mid, Def
NJ: Mahwah
5'3" '22
125 A-
Competitive, strong with quick feet, dominate in both hands with a strong Lacrosse IQ. I can play wherever my team needs me.  
Grace Gardner
#87: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
NY: Goshen
5'7" '22
130 A
Versatile, 3-sport athlete, excellent student, coachable team player, athletic quick thinker, strong LAX I.Q. 2021 Goshen Girls Varsity Overall MVP as a junior.  
Grace Thornhill
#60: Att, Mid
NJ: Pompton Lakes
5'5" '22
135 A
Team player and good feeder. Focused and determined, coachable, caring teammate with a strong lax IQ, lacrosse pioneer in Pompton Lakes.  
Jaylin Locke
#56: Mid, Def
NJ: Ridgewood
5'7" '22
126 B+
Speedy, athletic, highly competitive, high lacrosse IQ, relentless, extremely coachable and aggressive multi-sport athlete, who enjoys competing to gain the life lessons learned from playing team sports.  
Jenna Lively
#88: Att, Mid
NY: Valley Cottage
5'7" '22
123 A
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jenna Lively. I am a 2022 who plays both midfield and attack. I have been playing lacrosse since I was 7 years old and love the game! I am the oldest of 3 children and am a natural leader. I am a hard worker both on and off the field. When I am not practicing lacrosse, I can be found in the gym training and working on my strength and conditioning. Like any teenage girl, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and catching up on Grey's Anatomy.  
Jillian Brough
#53: Att, Mid, Def, Faceoff, Draw
NJ: Morristown
5'7" '22
135 A-
Multisport athlete - lax, volleyball, track. Strong academics and lax IQ, good instincts. Excellent teammate, presence on field, coachable, aggressive, loves to play and play for the good of team.  
Kayleigh Dunn
#93: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Washington Township
5'4" '22
124 B+
Coachable, determined team player who is eager to succeed and improve. Aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Leigh Naturale
#74: Att, Mid
NJ: Montclair
5'4" '22
120 A+
A team player with a strong knowledge and love of the game, very coachable. Strong left hand and multi-sport athlete.  
Liza Jonasz
#58: Def
NJ: Montclair
5'5" '22
125 A+
Strong defense-focused, passionate team player with high Lax IQ. Always looking to up my game. Coachable, consistent, and dedicated. Well-rounded multi-sport athlete (lax and soccer), taking AP and honors classes.  
Megan Salte
#51: Mid, Draw
NY: New Hampton
5'4" '22
120 A-
Multi-sport scholar athlete: Lacrosse, soccer, basketball and ski team. Heart is in lacrosse. Coachable player with strong field awareness, outstanding stick skills and overall team-centered player.  
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Champions Cup
Jun 18-20 '21
The Grind
Jul 9-11 '21
Live Love Lax Tournament
Jun 12-13 '21
MD: Bel Air
LAX For the Cure Summer (Jersey)
Jun 25-27 '21
NJ: New Egpyt
Jul 15-16 '21
MD: North East
Apex Girls Preseason Showcase
Mar 20-21 '21
Elite 180 Girls Recruiting Camp
Jun 28-30 '21
MA: Gill
D3 Summer Girls Lacrosse Showcase
Jun 5 '21
CT: North Branford
American Select Tournament
Jul 29-31 '21
DE: Milford
Fall Prospect Day
Sep 19 '21
MD: Frederick
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