1345 Chain Bridge Road, Virginia
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2017 grads of MADLAX elite men's travel teams. Includes Capital (DC, MD, VA), California & Florida. Includes Nationals, Orange & Blue teams. "Play with Passion!"
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Alex Callis
#25: Mid
VA: Leesburg
5'10" '17
150 A-
Fast, Aggressive, Always looking for coaching points to improve, Multi-sport athlete.  
Alexander Kitt
#03: Mid, Faceoff
MD: Potomac
5'11" '17
160 A
Very hard worker, coachable, team player, aggressive, athlete, multi sport  
Alexander Olson
#32: Mid
VA: 22003
5'10" '17
195 B
I’m a strong dodging midfielder. I led all midfielders in scoring on my high school team and was named 2nd Team All Conference as a Freshman.  
Brandon Williams
#27: Mid
VA: Stafford
5'10" '17
170 A-
Dedicated and determined team player. Well rounded multi-sport athlete. Strong leader. Excels in the classroom and on the field. Plays with passion.  
Chad Musa
#4: Att
VA: Leesburg
5'6" '17
155 A+
Quick player with good vision; coachable, competitive, and disciplined multi-sport athlete.  
Eric Lane
#06: LSM
MD: Olney
5'11" '17
155 B+
Team player, unselfish, aggressive yet under control. Extremely athletic with excellent stick skills.  
Gavin Kesselring
#4: Att, Faceoff
GA: Buford
5'5" '17
135 C+
Aggressive & Ambitious I give 100% on the field and to my team!  
Hunter Capestany
#8: Att
VA: South Riding
5'9" '17
140 A+
Coachable, great teammate, unselfish, strong lacrosse IQ, leader, multi-sport athlete  
Jack Scalia
#13: Def, LSM
VA: Mc Lean
5'8" '17
165 B+
I am a hard worker who is willing to learn in order to be the best that I can be.  
Jacob Lazris
#7: Def
VA: Mclean
6'1" '17
185 NA
hardworking, motivated, strong drive to win, coachable, versatile, and fundamentally sound  
Jordan Andino
#28: Mid, Faceoff
FL: Naples
5'7" '17
155 C+
Hard worker, crazy work ethic, never give up, leave it all on the field.  
Jordan Radoll
#23: Mid
VA: Fairfax
6'1" '17
180 A-
If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you'll be successful  
Josh Reiss
#29: Mid
VA: Charlottesville
6'0" '17
170 A
I'm a hard working player who will play any role that the team needs. I am currently a junior in high school and will be taking a post graduate year.  
Julian Paulay
#14: Att, Mid
DC: Washington
6'0" '17
Aggressive, Coachable, Leader, Team player, disciplined, and hardworking  
Lucas Pietrantonio
#14: Def, LSM
MD: Chevy Chase
6'4" '17
205 A-
Motivated player with lots of multi-sport varsity level experience and strong leadership skills to go hand in hand with his athleticism and high lacrosse IQ.  
Luke Curran
#22: Mid
FL: Naples
6'3" '17
180 A-
Midfielder - Dodger, Great Field vision, Leader on the field, Shoots left and right handed accurately.  
Luke Miller
#21: Att, Mid
VA: Alexandria
6'2" '17
178 B
Chemistry with my team mates is what I find to make me a better player. My best attributes are dodging from up top and time and room shooting.  
Michael Jerakis
#34: Def, LSM
VA: Alexandria
5'9" '17
150 A
Dependable pole at Close or LSM; Solid Field Awareness & Great Footwork; Smart Aggressive, Attentive Scholar Athlete  
Patrick Mahoney
#11: Att, Mid, Faceoff
FL: Naples
6'0" '17
150 B+
Coachable, tenacious, a multi-sport athlete, hard worker, quick, and determined to play at the next level.  
Shane Corcoran
#01: Goal
MD: Gaithersburg
5'11" '17
160 B+
Starting Varsity Goalie for 2017 Graduating year.  
Thomas Natal
#15: Mid
VA: Great Falls
5'9" '17
145 A-
Coachable, aggressive on defensive, fast, great field vison and understanding, great for transitions, can shoot, team player, multi-sport athelete.  
Tucker Davis
#20: Mid
GA: Cumming
5'10" '17
140 A-
Unselfish, heads up team player. Coachable 2 way midfielder with strong Lax IQ, and leadership qualities.  
Tyler Iriondo
#27: Mid, Faceoff
VA: Burke
5'9" '17
195 A-
Physical and tenacious FO/Mid. Strong work ethic. Team first. Coachable. Self motivated. Multi-Sport Varsity Athlete. 340lb+Bench, 410lb+Squat, 560lb+Deadlift  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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