Minn. Lakers Select 2021

St Paul, Minnesota
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Brigit Goetsch
#77: Goal
MN: Maple Grove
5'10" '21
165 A
Competitive and determined team player and leader on and off the field with strong lax IQ- resilient, coachable and respectful.  
Camryn Mayer
#62: Att, Mid, Faceoff
MN: Champlin
5'4" '21
110 B+
I love lacrosse! I am a team player and smart with the ball. Good shooter and good play maker.  
Corinne Cochran
#70: Att, Goal
MN: Apple Valley
5'8" '21
147 A
Leader, coachable, team player with resilience and grit. Driven with the ability to unite teammates and create a positive culture.  
Courtney Frankfurth
#75: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
MN: Ramsey
5'10" '21
160 A+
Coachable, team player, team leader, multi-sport athlete, loves to complete  
Dayna Carlson
#74: Att, Mid
MN: Champlin
5'9" '21
127 A-
Very coachable, strong and confident attacker, strong knowledge of how the offensive zone works, large force in the midfield, aggressive and good team player, also a multi-sport athlete.  
Ella Larson
#63: Att
MN: Anoka
5'4" '21
135 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - aggressive multi-sport athlete, and team leader.  
Kendra Entsminger
#92: Mid, Def
MN: Blaine
5'7" '21
150 A-
I am a strong and determined multi sport athlete, Team player, coachable, positive attitude, aggressive  
Maddi Bast
#65: Mid, Draw
MN: Maple Grove
5'7" '21
143 A-
Coachable, strong lacrosse IQ, aggressive, hard worker, fast. I am a vocal leader and a multi-sport athlete  
Sonja Coomes
#84: Att, Mid
MN: Plymouth
5'3" '21
125 A
Coachable, strong Lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, determined and motivated  
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