Berwyn, Pennsylvania
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Alana Lepore
#85: Goal
PA: Devon
5'5" '22
135 A-
Strong leadership that is comfortable around others and a reliable teammate.  
Aniyah Bishop
#37: Def
PA: Springfield
5'7" '23
101 A-
Self-motivated and hardworking defense varsity lacrosse player  
Ava Clements
#10: Mid
PA: West Chester
5'4" '22
120 B+
aggressive, coachable team player with a determined mindset  
Cailey Hiscox
#63: Mid, Draw
PA: Richboro
5'8" '22
130 A
I am an aggressive team player, I am extremely coachable and hardworking. I will always make the play that will benefit the team. I am comfortable playing anywhere needed.  
Clare Morrissey
#7: Goal
PA: Merion Station
5'6" '22
135 A-
Originally started as an attacker then switched to goalie end of freshmen year. Team player, and coachable  
Gia Caso
#21: Mid
PA: Drexel Hill
5'1" '22
125 A
Willing to learn and constantly doing things to improve my fitness and game play. Disciplined, coachable, committed, and have a competitive drive while being a team player.  
Isabel McGarvey
#9: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Havertown
5'2" '22
117 A
Lefty, Coachable, Determined, strong, aggressive, disciplined, willing to work, multi sport athlete (also plays ice hockey), fast, and high and strong lax IQ  
Julia Levin
#15: Att, Mid
PA: Holland
5'1" '22
125 A-
Coachable, team player with strong lax IQ. Disciplined, determined and aggressive multi sport athlete.  
Katie Koroly
#3: Mid, Def
PA: Malvern
5'5" '22
130 A-
Point guard who made the switch to lax. As a result I have great field awareness & can play midfield (flexible). Fast & aggressive! Team player who is disciplined.  
Laura Reimer
#56: Mid, Def
PA: Havertown
5'6" '22
140 B
I Love the sport of lax, I have been doing since I was a little kid. I am coachable, aggressive, and a team player.  
Molly Hughes
#50: Att
PA: Malvern
5'5" '22
130 A+
Coachable and aggressive attacker with strong lax IQ. Top honor student. Team player who is always looking to improve.  
Montanna Chambers
#5: Def
PA: Holland
5'5" '22
130 A-
Coachable, selfless, multi-sport athlete, involved and committed. Very competitive and driven. Always focused and mentally tough on and off the field.  
Quinn Morrin
PA: Chester Springs
5'3" '22
125 A
Hi! I'm Quinn Morrin. I'm a coachable, determined, multi- sport athlete who loves the game of lacrosse.  
Shannon Wood
#25: Att, Mid
PA: Glen Mills
5'5" '22
120 A+
4.5 grade point average. I am very coachable, have a strong lax IQ, determined, multi sport athlete with a focus on lacrosse. Confident with both hands.  
Tayanna Kelly
#17: Att, Draw
PA: Philadelphia
5'7" '22
I am determined, coachable, and a team player that is willing to give it my all to make sure my teammates and I are the best we can possibly be.  
Thea Rosenzweig
#22: Att, Mid
PA: Bryn Mawr
5'1" '22
135 A
persevering, strong, and smart multi-sport athlete who is always willing to be better and help the team  
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