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Bethesda, Maryland
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2015 East Coast Fall Showcase All-Star Players. Players linked for live recruiting in college coach dashboards.
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Adam Clark
#40: Att
OH: Loveland
5'10" '18
155 A-
Coachable, good lax IQ, athletic, good decision maker  
Aidan FitzGerald
#14: Def
VA: Ashburn
6'2" '18
185 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and has a great motor  
Alexander Kitt
#03: Mid, Faceoff
MD: Potomac
5'11" '17
160 A
Very hard worker, coachable, team player, aggressive, athlete, multi sport  
Ben Robertson
#27: Def
VA: Fairfax
5'11" '19
170 B+
Coachable,hard working, motivated multi-sport athletes  
Brendan Lozupone
#4: Att
MD: Olney
5'10" '18
145 A
I am a coachable player who always gives it my all. I always go for ground balls & always looking for the open man. I also have a strong Lacrosse IQ & teammate.  
Brendan Mcginn
#03: Def
PA: West Chester
6'5" '16
215 B+
My size is something that very few other players have  
Charlie Lynch
#11: Att
MD: Bethesda
6'3" '17
200 A-
Competitive and aggressive team player. Love to play around the crease.  
Cody Getgen
#24: Att, Mid
MD: Charlotte Hall
5'8" '17
160 A-
Make the best decisions for the team, disciplined, strong lax IQ, multi-sport athlete  
Colin Horton
#41: Def
PA: Doylestown
5'11" '18
175 A-
I love lacrosse, I practice continuously to get better.  
Connor McGraw
#17: Att
FL: Naples
5'9" '17
160 A
Team player, field vision, disciplined, inside finisher, conditioned, fundamentalist.  
Emmett Barger
#04: Att, Mid
VA: Crozet
5'10" '19
155 A-
Multi-sport athlete who can play attack or midfield at a high level. Disciplined student/athlete who excels on the field and in the classroom.  
Gavin Legg
#01: Def, LSM
VA: Falls Church
5'10" '17
160 NA
Madlax 2017  
Hunter Huxoll
#9: Att
MD: Dunkirk
5'7" '18
150 A-
Very aggressive and is willing to learn. Loves the game and is determined.  
Jack Scalia
#13: Def, LSM
VA: Mc Lean
5'8" '17
165 B+
I am a hard worker who is willing to learn in order to be the best that I can be.  
Jacob Lazris
#7: Def
VA: Mclean
6'1" '17
185 NA
hardworking, motivated, strong drive to win, coachable, versatile, and fundamentally sound  
Jacob Mores
#11: Faceoff
MD: Rockville
6'2" '16
180 B+
Athletic, quick hands, great anticipation with strong situational awareness, terrific work ethic and team player, aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Jake Cates
Att, Mid
MD: Germantown
6'0" '19
170 A-
Good stick skills with both hands. Competitive, multi-sport athlete, hard working.  
Jonathan Hsu
#22: Mid
MD: Potomac
5'8" '18
155 A
Hard working  
Jordan Radoll
#23: Mid
VA: Fairfax
6'1" '17
180 A-
If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you'll be successful  
Julian Paulay
#14: Att, Mid
DC: Washington
6'0" '17
Aggressive, Coachable, Leader, Team player, disciplined, and hardworking  
Justin Herbert
#75: Def, LSM
MD: Bethesda
5'9" '18
150 A
Self-motivated, fast, multiple sport athlete with strong sense of teamwork. Aggressive defender/LSM and excellent ground-ball ability.  
Kevin Cruz
#05: Att, Mid
VA: Fairfax
5'11" '18
175 B+
Madlax Capital 2018 Madlax Nationals 2018 Flint Hill School 2018  
Kyle Amitay
#27: Faceoff
MD: Bethesda
5'8" '18
158 A
Quick hands. "Junkyard dog" on the ground ball. Not afraid to scrap and get physical. Natural leader, also plays quarterback. Teammates look up to him. Hitter.  
Kyle Jung
#10: Mid
VA: Vienna
5'5" '18
145 A-
I am hard working and I never give up on a play.  
Lucas Pietrantonio
#14: Def, LSM
MD: Chevy Chase
6'4" '17
205 A-
Motivated player with lots of multi-sport varsity level experience and strong leadership skills to go hand in hand with his athleticism and high lacrosse IQ.  
Luke Caracciolo
#98: Goal
VA: Centreville
6'0" '18
185 A-
Coachable, dedicated and committed to the team and team goals. Multi-sport athlete and excellent teammate.  
Michael Jerakis
#34: Def, LSM
VA: Alexandria
5'9" '17
150 A
Dependable pole at Close or LSM; Solid Field Awareness & Great Footwork; Smart Aggressive, Attentive Scholar Athlete  
Nick Adams
#15: Att, Mid
NY: Pawling
6'2" '17
190 B+
Very Coach-able with an extremely high IQ. Multi-sport athlete. Athletic, ambidextrous Team Player that can also be the go to man.  
Pete Sitton
#5: Mid
TX: Dallas
5'9" '19
160 B+
Athletic, coachable player willing to do whatever it takes to win. Has the ability to generate offense off the dodge, draw a slide and make the right decision.  
Reed Weinberg
#17: Def, LSM
GA: Atlanta
5'11" '18
170 B+
Tremendous IQ, I always want to get better, bring a lot of energy to the field, a multi sport athlete  
Robbie Noyes
#13: Goal
MD: Glenwood
5'9" '18
165 B+
Strong leader, Team play, Good attitude on and off the field  
Robert Schain
#16: Mid
MD: Bethesda
5'8" '19
145 A
Good stick skills with both hands, great passer, athletic dodger.  
Stevie Jones
#77: Mid
VA: Reston
5'6" '19
140 B+
Team player, determined, multiple sport athlete, disciplined, and coachable  
Will Atkins
#9: Goal
DC: Washington
5'11" '16
175 A-
Coachable, Leader, Strong, Personable  
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