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Abby Winslow
#3: Def
NC: Durham
5'6" '24
High IQ which leads to high game IQ. Extremely coachable, hardworking, disciplined, picks up concepts quickly. Multi-sport athlete. Excellent time management.  
Addie Gilner
#24: Att, Mid
NC: Chapel Hill
5'11" '24
140 A+
60+ minute player, determined, explosive speed. Disciplined and motivated 4-sport athlete who can see the whole field and feed as much as she scores. 4.0 unweighted grade average.  
Charlotte Jackson
#6: Att, Mid, Def
NC: Raleigh
5'4" '24
130 A-
Fast and aggressive, hard-working, team player with strong Lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, coachable.  
Evelyn Guyer
#42: Att, Mid
NC: Durham
5'6" '24
119 A
Coachable and uses constructive criticism well, great endurance, multi-sport athlete, unselfish, thrives under pressure  
Hannah Taylor
#1: Goal
NC: Cary
5'4" '24
I am committed and ready for any challenge thrown at me. I strive to learn more and I am a teachable player.  
Henley Bredemann
#33: Mid, Draw
SC: Daniel Island
5'7" '24
150 A+
Extremely coachable multi-sport athlete. Aggressive on the field and fights for every draw. Strong Lax IQ, excited to play in college 4.8 GPA.  
Lilah Dailey
#15: Mid, Def
NC: Cary
5'5" '24
125 A
Team player, strong Lax IQ, fast, aggressive, determined and learning more each game. Multi-sport athlete  
Lillian Austin
#5: Att, Mid, Draw
NC: Hampstead
5'9" '24
142 A+
Physical player on both ends with a high Lax IQ. Fast, Strong and skills to play with anyone my age. Multi-sport athlete - teammates are family  
Macey Watt
#28: Mid, Def
NC: Wake Forest
5'5" '24
125 A+
I am a 60+ min player that is aggressive, disciplined, coachable player with a strong defensive IQ who is competitive and will never be seen giving up on the ball.  
Natalie Kranick
#21: Mid
NC: Wake Forest
5'6" '24
132 A+
Fast and aggressive, strong stick skills, great endurance, disciplined, competitive, coachable, team player, multi-sport athlete.  
Sofia Adcock
#2: Mid, Def, Draw
NC: Holly Springs
5'8" '24
134 A+
Versatile, I love to play any position on the field. I have been coached by many former collegiate players who have helped me develop and grow my lacrosse IQ.  
Sophia LoCascio
#11: Mid, Draw
SC: Mount Pleasant
5'9" '24
135 A-
Athletic and coachable, multi-sport student athlete. High lax IQ, sees the whole field.  
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American Select Tournament
Jul 28-30 '22
DE: Milford
American Select Individual Showcase
Jul 27 '22
DE: Milford
Maryland Lacrosse Showcase Girls
Jul 23-24 '22
MD: Elkridge
Pitt Summer Clinic 2
Aug 20 '22
PA: Pittsburgh
USA Lacrosse Brogden Cup Womens 2022
Oct 14-16 '22
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