Team 91 CO Boys 2021 Blue

Commack, New York
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Adam Zdanowicz
#13: LSM
CO: Parker
5'11" '21
165 B
Coachable, determined, team player, multi sport athlete  
Aidan Cavanaugh
#23: Goal
CO: Castle Rock
6'1" '21
160 B+
I am very coachable, always encouraging others, great teammate, great student and I have a short memory on all shots, saved and not saved.  
Christopher Batuello
#2: Def, LSM
CO: Parker
5'9" '21
140 A
Aggressive, fast, high lax IQ, tenacious, disciplined, team player, coachable, love lax (& all sports), scrappy, always looking to improve  
Conner Chesson
#5: Mid, Def
CO: Castle Pines
5'10" '21
170 B+
Team player, leader, very coachable, fast, unpredictable, attention to detail, skillful, creative, and extremely competitive.  
D. Gibbs Waxter
#17: Att
CO: Englewood
5'8" '21
140 B+
Loves the game and always wants to improve!  
Dax Smestad
#29: Goal
CO: Centennial
5'8" '21
150 A-
Loud and effective communicator on the field, coachable, leads by example, high Lax IQ, strong willed and disciplined.  
Greg Gould
#91: Att, Mid
CO: Castle Rock
6'2" '21
180 A
I believe that my biggest attributes are mental toughness, a will to win, and a drive to keep learning. Starter since freshmen year on varsity.  
Henry Grant
#7: Mid
CO: Colorado Springs
5'11" '21
160 A-
Team player who is determined to work hard wherever Im needed and to get better, coachable, gritty, and always looking to learn more about the game of lacrosse.  
Henry Ohlen
#14: Def
CO: Golden
6'3" '21
160 B-
Strong Lax IQ; rangy with a very good stick. Competitive and a team-first guy.  
Jack Wirth
#34: Mid
CO: Boulder
6'2" '21
175 B
fast, big, wicked shot, smart, strong both ways (offense and defense)  
Max Youngren
#4: Mid
CO: Boulder
6'3" '21
170 A-
Aggressive, unselfish, easily coach able, played for a long time -high lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, great team player, I work hard  
Micah Maloch
#0: Def, LSM
CO: Lakewood
6'0" '21
165 A-
I am a very motivated and driven individual. I place faith and family first. No one will work harder.  
Nate Finnegan
#6: Att
CO: Parker
6'2" '21
215 A-
Hard worker both on and off the field. Team player that hates to lose.  
Nick Horrocks
#25: Def, LSM
CO: Boulder
6'0" '21
160 A-
Unselfish, hardworking, multi sport athlete. Aggressive when I need to be, with a strong lax IQ.  
Reid Gustas
#16: Mid
CO: Parker, Co 80134
5'7" '21
120 B+
Left hand is as strong as right hand, Can shoot outside and inside w/either hand, LaxIQ,strong work ethic, aggressive, son of a coach, team player, grit, leader 62 170 lbs.  
Tyler Pearson
#10: Def
CO: Denver
6'0" '21
220 B-
What makes me special is Im coachable, discipline, very aggressive, Im multi-sport athlete, Im very vocal, and Im a team player and have the ability to be a leader.  
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