Team Elevate LI 2022 Red

Syosset, New York
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2022 grads on LI elite travel teams.
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Ainsley Proctor
#19: Goal
NY: Huntington
5'3" '22
110 A+
Loud and directive on the field, explosive and reactive, positive team player and leader with the dedication and coach-ability needed for the next level of lacrosse.  
Alex McCarvill
#30: Att, Mid, Draw
NY: Port Washington
5'6" '22
120 B+
Multi-sport athlete, fast, dependable, excellent stick skills and foot work, coachable, ready to learn and improve, team player, good field positioning with high lax IQ  
Alexandra Poll
#4: Def, Goal
NY: Laurel Hollow
6'0" '22
140 A-
Very coachable, quick learner. Aggressive, has quick hands, and uses her height to her advantage, as a multi-sport athlete she has great game sense and no fears.  
Angelina Pavlakis
#26: Mid, Draw
NY: Cold Spring Harbor
5'5" '22
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ. Determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Bella Burke
#77: Def, Draw
NY: East Moriches
5'4" '22
130 A
I am a coachable, determined player. I can see the field and I am an aggressive, hardworking multi-sport athlete. I always push myself, on and off the field.  
Danielle Sautner
#6: Att
NY: Syosset
5'4" '22
128 A+
Coachable, team player, who is hard-working and disciplined on and off the field. Motivated student-athlete who excels in the classroom, on lacrosse field, and an All-Conference Cross Country runner.  
Eliza Worth
#87: Att
NY: Brookville
5'4" '22
115 B+
Fast learner, determined and a multi-sport athlete  
Hailey Chiarelli
#21: Att
NY: Hicksville
5'5" '22
108 A
Very coachable, always want to learn, very athletic and work well under pressure. I have high academic grades, a multi sport athlete with strong work ethic...I never give up!  
Jenny Van Cott
#10: Mid, Def, Draw
NY: Port Washington
5'4" '22
125 A+
Hard working, team player, aggressive, multi-sport, coachable  
Jovie Noack
#55: Att
NY: Center Moriches
5'4" '22
125 A-
Entered transfer portal to find a university where academics and commitment to athletics is the priority. A place where a family culture is a reality  
Julianna Sousa
#85: Def
NY: Mineola
5'1" '22
119 A-
Very Coachable, team player with high lacrosse IQ, aggressive and determined to reach high goals  
Katie Van Cott
#8: Mid, Draw
NY: Port Washington
5'5" '22
125 A-
hard working, aggressive, team player, multi-sport, coachable, committed  
Kiera Delaney
#22: Mid, Draw
NY: Centerport
5'6" '22
128 A-
I am an assertive team player who is coachable, aggressive, committed, and passionate about the game. Win or lose I always gain something beneficial from the game played.  
Kimberly Nagengast
#14: Att, Mid, Def
NY: Seaford
5'6" '22
127 A
I am a versatile lacrosse player. I currently play attack but can also play on defense. I am determined and always willing to help my team in any way.  
Kylie Iannuzzi
#16: Def
NY: Commack
5'4" '22
Reads the play, aggressive, multi-sport athlete, adaptive, fast learner, coachable  
Nicole Nagengast
#54: Mid, Def
NY: Seaford
5'7" '22
I am a hard working, coachable, and an aggressive player. I am a three season athlete. I will do my best in any position my coach needs me to play.  
Regan Sansiviero
#9: Att
NY: Huntington
5'4" '22
115 A
A coach-able multi-sport athlete who is a very aggressive, determined, and hardworking team player with speed and a strong Lax IQ.  
Samantha Ednie
#12: Mid
NY: Bohemia
5'6" '22
125 A
Determined, Aggressive , Multi-sport athlete, Strong mindset, Focused  
Skye Callaway
#18: Att, Def
NY: Greenlawn
5'4" '22
Multi-sport athlete, coachable, aggressive and focused as well as determined and dedicated  
Sophie Laserson
#23: Att, Def
NY: Huntington
5'0" '22
90 A
Have been playing since Kindergarten, Very high and strong Lax IQ. Extremely coachable and always determined to do better. Agressive, Competitive and will always go the extra mile.  
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New England Cup
Jun 26-27 '21
Capital Cup
Jul 9-12 '21
Summer Genesis
Jun 19-20 '21
PA: Palmyra
National Cup - District East
Jul 15-18 '21
Summer Classic
Jun 5 '21
MD: Bel Air
Prospect Plus Camp
Jul 19-20 '21
National Cup Championship
Dec 4-5 '21
The Preview
Jun 6 '21
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