Trilogy ICE 2023

Jersey City, New Jersey
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Blaine Grayson
NJ: Ocean
6'0" '23
195 A
Take on a leadership role, especially as the goalie. Play for the team. Always ready to expand my game knowledge and skills. Take pride in my quick hands and reflexes.  
Buntaro Yoshida
Def, LSM
KY: Lexington
6'1" '23
175 B+
Great understanding of the game, very good defense and excellent support to attackers, versatile, adaptable, with top LSM skills as well as close defense skills.  
Chris McNiff
NJ: Chatham
5'4" '23
120 A
Coachable, comfortable dodging to both left and right, quick/shifty, multi-sport athlete and determined.  
Christopher Collings
#14: Mid
FL: Miami
5'10" '23
165 A-
Coachable, facilitator who puts his team first.  
Drew Clift
TN: Memphis
5'10" '23
178 A-
Coachable, hard worker, strong Lacrosse IQ, multi-sport athlete.  
Hunter Hyderally
#5: Att, Mid
AL: Daphne
5'7" '23
145 A+
Very coachable, High Lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, high skill level, strong with both hands, team player.  
Jack Forrester
#19: Mid
GA: Lookout Mtn
5'11" '23
175 A
Elite Speed, leader, great teammate/team player, unselfish, strong LAX IQ- very coachable, uses both hands equally, aggressive, loves the game.  
Jackson Phillips
Mid, Faceoff
TN: Chattanooga
5'6" '23
145 B+
I know my role, I am here to win the possession. I work hard everyday to perfect my trait and adjust to my competition.  
Jake Rombough
#63: Att, Mid
NC: Huntersville
6'2" '23
175 A
Highly coachable, team player with high lacrosse IQ and strong desire to continue to develop lacrosse skills.  
Jamie Weyerhaeuser
#19: Att, Mid, Faceoff
MA: Cambridge
5'10" '23
160 A-
I am a face-off/attack that is fully committed to the game and also has a true passion for the sport and a hard working personality  
John "Jack" Martinez
Att, Mid
VA: Arlington
6'5" '24
215 A-
Highly coachable team leader on the transfer portal with three years of eligibility  
Owen Giorgio
#47: Def, LSM
RI: East Greenwich
5'9" '23
185 A-
Quick & strong with the incredible ground ball skills. Very coachable, leader with great sportsmanship. Multi-sport athlete (soccer, gymnast). Excellent LAX-IQ.  
Ryan Hall
#49: Att, Mid
TN: Memphis
6'4" '23
175 A
6'4" sophomore starter who is a strong shooter (left and right), very high Lax IQ , excellent skills at both middie and attack, multi-sport player, unselfish and very coachable.  
Tate Farmer
#15: Def, LSM
TN: Memphis
5'10" '23
170 B
Team player, lockdown defender w/ strong lacrosse IQ, quick feet, very athletic, communicator, leader, coachable  
Teddy Conner
NY: Larchmont
5'10" '23
187 A-
Coachable, team player, hard worker, big and strong, and disciplined and determined to win.  
Thomas Hustins
#50: Def, LSM
MA: South Easton
5'11" '23
180 B+
Coachable, good stick skills and can play both close defense and LSM. I put my team above myself. I pass the ball and give my team great opportunities  
Vinny Pusateri
#52: Def, LSM
MA: Fitchburg
5'8" '23
170 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete  
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PrimeTime Lake George National Invitational
Jul 23-24 '22
UNC Elite HS Team Camp & Showdown
Jul 22-25 '22
NC: Chapel Hill
Farm Valley Team Challenge
Jul 23-24 '22
CT: Suffield
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