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Bernardsville, New Jersey
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Alexea Karpinski
#7: Goal
NJ: Flemington
5'4" '22
150 A
Team player, coachable, strong Lax IQ, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Annabelle Niebuhr
#14: Att
NJ: Frenchtown
5'8" '22
140 A
Multi sport athlete, determined and organized person, team player, youngest sibling with two older brothers.  
Ava Milia
#12: Att
PA: Easton
5'6" '22
130 A
Explosive, multi-sport , coachable, driven athlete- strong right and left handed stick skills- strong game awareness- aggressive re-defender.  
Brielle McInaw
#16: Att, Mid
PA: Kresgevillie
5'4" '22
143 A-
I am a fun, coachable, dedicated, and aggressive multi-sport athlete that is determined to learn new things & become a better player in all areas on the field.  
Catherine Peacock
#15: Mid, Draw
NJ: Stockton
5'8" '22
145 A
Intelligent, coachable, team player, great personality, determined, strong, athletic, very fast, aggressive, positive, great teammate, powerful shooting, multisport athlete.  
Clare Roussey
#34: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Cranford
5'4" '22
140 B+
Hard working, natural team leader with exceptional offensive instincts and field vision. Multi-sport athlete who loves to compete.  
Eran Gleason
#2: Def, Draw
PA: Easton
5'3" '22
115 A+
Coachable, multi-sport athlete, , strong Lax-IQ, determined and hardworking, communicative on the field, and education has a high importance.  
Grace Iervolino
#6: Att, Mid, Def
NJ: Whitehouse Station
5'3" '22
129 A+
Strong, aggressive, gritty two way player. True teammate with hustle, drive and passion. Ability to anticipate my opponents' moves, always keeping a clear head. Coachable, strong LAX IQ. Fierce defender.  
Iris Gluck
#22: Mid
PA: Coopersburg
5'5" '22
120 A
Hard worker on and off the field, multi-sport athlete, coachable, work well with others, and energetic.  
Kylee Hager
#5: Goal
PA: Easton
5'1" '22
140 A+
Disciplined, easy to get along with, team player  
Lea Krieger
#8: Att, Mid, Draw
PA: Easton
5'5" '22
121 A-
Explosive, determined to improve, dependable scholar athlete, very competitive on offense and defense, 3 Sport V-Letter, experienced in strength and plyometric training. Been told Im funny;)  
Madeline Edinger
#21: Mid
PA: Perkasie
5'8" '22
130 A-
I'm an intelligent, athletic and fast player that has a strong desire to excel at all phases of the game. I am coachable and a supportive teammate.  
Maggie Zarish-Yasunas
#37: Att, Mid
NJ: Pittstown
5'2" '22
112 A
Team player, aggressive, determined, scholar and multi-sport athlete, works hard, great field awareness, and brings positive energy!  
Marybeth Smith
#4: Mid, Def
PA: Macungie
5'5" '22
130 A
I am very coachable, unselfish, aggressive, extremely passionate, and a leader on and off the field.  
Meghan Vizian
#19: Mid, Faceoff, Draw
PA: Easton
5'3" '22
129 B+
I am a competitive and hardworking athlete, I always try my hardest no matter the circumstances, I am a team player and always work towards my goals  
Nikki Boyer
#3: Mid, Def, Faceoff
PA: Allentown
5'8" '22
140 A-
I am a very hard working, agressive, coachable midfielder and defender with a positive attitide that loves playing lacrosse and I am ready for competitive college play!  
Skylar Brandt
#1: Att, Mid, Draw
NJ: Flemington
5'4" '22
125 A-
Strong team leader that is consistent, coachable and works hard to be the best teammate possible. Disciplined and aggressive scoring, assisting and playing defense! All around great Lax IQ!  
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