True California Attack 2022

Danville, California
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2022 grads
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Alexa Behdjet
#8: Def
CA: Alamo
5'2" '22
120 A-
Coachable, hardworking, determined, team player and multi-sport athlete.  
Emma Rathjen
#43: Def
CA: Pleasanton
5'9" '22
140 A+
Self-motivated, determined, hardworking player with passion for the game. Dedicated on the field and in the classroom. Smart player with desire to always improve, team leader.  
Jalen Myers
#4: Att, Mid
CA: Danville
5'4" '22
115 A-
Team player, top speed and agility player with high Lax IQ, read the field well, multi-sport athlete  
Julia Ravazza
#7: Att, Mid, Draw
CA: Dublin
5'4" '22
120 B
Team player, aggressive, focused, coachable, charismatic, leader, hard working, hardest shot, and have a strong Lax IQ and passion for the game.  
Kelly Queen
CA: Plesaanton
5'5" '22
I am a coachable, team player with a strong Lax IQ, and I am determined and aggressive.  
Laurel Hunter
#41: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
CA: Lafayette
5'5" '22
120 B+
Charismatic, competitive and coachable player. Team leader with talent, grit and passion for the game. Also fast! Multi-sport athlete (Cross Country, Tennis) but Lax is #1!  
Margaret Gallagher
#18: Att, Mid
CA: Alamo
5'6" '22
I am a very motivated and coachable player. I love playing lacrosse and supporting my teammates as well as pushing them to always do their best.  
Sage Madden
#30: Att, Mid
CA: Walnut Creek
5'2" '22
115 B
2x UA All American, plays with vision, high lax IQ, fearless dodger with both hands, tenacious on rides, strong finisher, top scorer on travel team, explosive first-step, and off-ball movement  
Taylor Niederhaus
#19: Def
CA: Walnut Creek
5'5" '22
150 B
I am strong minded and very dedicated to what I do, I am an aggressive player, I am very competitive, and work well with others, coachable, disciplined,  
Zoe Walker
#20: Goal
CA: San Francisco
5'7" '22
130 A
Committed, athletic team player with many years of playing experience - hardworking, driven and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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