True Colorado 2022 State

Denver, Colorado
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The True Colorado 2022 State Team is comprised of players from all over the State of Colorado. Our team prides themselves on hard work on the field and in the classroom. This team is made up of an amazing group of young women who work well as a team and represent our club with pride.
Team Roster
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Katie Hefty
Att, Mid, Draw
CO: Denver
5'6" '22
118 A
I love lacrosse and want to continue to get better!  
Marley Barrows
#19: Def
CO: Centennial
5'6" '22
125 B+
Coachable, dedicated, fierce, smart, multi-sport athlete  
Payton Dodge
#13: Mid, Def
CO: Parker
5'3" '22
115 A
Coachable, athletic, disciplined, quick learner, determined, aggressive, leader, and loud on the field.  
Sydney Schrader
Att, Mid, Draw
CO: Littleton
5'4" '22
130 B+
Coachable, strong Lax IQ, aggressive offense  
Talulah McGinn
#99: Goal
CO: Golden
5'7" '22
Coachable, strong Lax IQ - team player, supportive, aggressive, and determined. 4.0 GPA, Rookie of the Year 2018-2019,  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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