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Brandon Corn
Att, Mid
ID: Eagle
5'6" '25
116 B+
Coachable and make every practice day count, love for the game, aggressive and play big play style, varsity is still undetermined.  
Bridger Johnson
#9: Mid, Faceoff
ID: Meridian
5'10" '25
140 A+
An incredibly coachable, unselfish team player. Bridger is disciplined, a fast learner, has very strong Lax IQ, and is a dedicated and hard working student-athlete.  
Brogan Rice
ID: Nampa
6'2" '25
I am determined, a leader, positive, coachable, knowledgeable, well-rounded, intense, mature and FUN!  
Eli Longstreet
#3: Def, LSM
ID: Boise
5'6" '25
120 A-
Im a team player, I love lacrosse and understand that its a team sport and for us to succeed we need to be brothers and teammates Im her coachable, multi-sport  
Gavin Heidemann
#21: Def
ID: Eagle
6'0" '25
160 A+
Coachable, determined, driven, strong Lax IQ, clearing machine, team player, strong work ethic, played lacrosse for 7 years  
Hank Osterberger
#8: Mid
ID: Boise
6'0" '25
180 A-
Disciplined,aggressive, 3 sport athlete,team player, determined, competitive, decent size and speed,  
Henry Harris
#5: Mid
ID: Star
5'11" '25
140 A+
Highly coachable, team player with a high lacrosse IQ - disciplined and determined both on the field and in the classroom.  
Jaxson Handley
#18: Def
ID: Boise
5'9" '25
160 A
I am an extremely coachable player with determination and a strong work ethic. I truly love the sport of lacrosse and enjoy all of my time on the field.  
Joshua Wilson
#14: Def, LSM
ID: Eagle
6'1" '25
160 A
I am a team player. I don’t succeed unless my ream does.  
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