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Lombard, Illinois
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Aiden Weisenborn
#12: Att, Mid
IL: West Chicago
6'3" '24
190 A-
Strong academic student, coachable with a well-developed Lax IQ - athletic, multi-sport, lefty outside shooter.  
AJ Serna
Att, Mid
IL: Bartlett
5'9" '24
165 A-
A high IQ, highly skilled, hard-nosed and extremely coachable team player.  
Andrew Deney
#16: Att, Mid
IL: Gurnee
5'11" '23
170 A-
Quick and creative offensive player, loves good team culture and works hard for himself and teammates. A coachable player who plays multiple sports and loves to compete.  
Beau Ryan
#65: Mid
IL: Chicago
6'0" '23
175 A+
Multi-sport athlete, two-way midfielder and can clear the ball and play great shortstick defense  
Ben Johnson
#44: Goal
IL: Peoria
6'2" '23
205 A
Having played goalie since the 4th grade, I have learned to become a team leader and enjoy facing new challenges both on the lacrosse field and in the classroom.  
Benn Johnston
#24: Mid
CT: Lake Forest
6'1" '23
195 A-
I'm a righty but I like my left hand more.  
Caden Alexander
#25: Def, LSM
IL: Huntley
5'10" '23
175 B+
Coachable, High Lacrosse IQ, Aggressive, Focused, Hard-working team player on and off the field.  
Casey Sodolski
WI: Hartland
5'11" '23
185 A
Davis Schneider
#22: Att
IL: Winfield
6'0" '23
180 A+
Coachable, quick lefty dodger, great stick skills and IQ, hardworking, team player, aggressive rider and multi-sport athlete.  
Dylan Groff
Def, LSM
IL: Evanston, Illinois
6'1" '23
175 A-
I consider myself a hardworking and determined person who won't except failure. I'm a very coachable, team player who is just focused on winning.  
Eli Rippey
#8: Mid
NJ: Sparta
6'0" '23
180 A
Athletic multi-sport athlete, team player with leadership skills-determined and hard worker.  
Gavin Pedone
#97: Mid
IL: Saint Charles
5'11" '23
185 A-
Plays with aggression and grit. Team player, very coachable, and high lacrosse IQ. Strong two-way midfielder and fights for groundballs. Great team leader and communicator on offense and defense.  
Jack Brand
#52: LSM
IL: Naperville
5'8" '23
165 A
Coachable, team player with strong lax IQ. I have great speed and an incredible talent for getting ground balls. A versatile player, I play both LSM and defensive midfield.  
Jack Jeffcoat
#88: Def, LSM
FL: Melbourne
6'0" '24
170 A
Team Player well disciplined....Dedicated Academically and Athletically to provide a solid work ethic all the time without being asked ....Football And Lacrosse  
Jack LaBanca
#144: Mid, Faceoff
NJ: Sparta
5'8" '22
175 A
Determined, dedicated, aggressive, and coachable team player. Fast and explosive. Very competitive.  
Kaiden Kohls
#51: Mid, Faceoff
IL: Naperville
5'11" '23
175 A
Coachable, high lacrosse IQ, and is a "swiss army knife" Middie - can play offense and defense, strong in both hands, takes faceoffs. Culver Academies Prep Team. Strong Academics.  
Lance McCann
#44: Att, Mid
IL: Elmhurst
6'1" '23
165 B
High Lax IQ that practices and plays hard. Lead by example. Coached at a high level with 7 years in multiple offensive rolls - Middie & Attack.  
Mason Mac
#12: Mid
NJ: Montville
5'11" '23
160 A
Multi-sport athlete (Football, Ind. Track, Lacrosse) two-way middie who's greatest assets include speed, high game IQ, and field vision. Also has a 4.25 cumulative GPA at Seton Hall Prep  
Michael Provenza
IA: Clive
6'0" '23
175 B
Effective dodger, can move, pass and shoot, sees the field and always finds the open man.  
Nate Schwiztenberg
#38: Def, LSM
IL: Arlington Heights
6'2" '23
190 A+
Leader on the defense: quick, great stick and foot work.  
Nikolas Menendez
#13: Def, LSM
IL: Naperville
6'2" '24
185 A+
Advanced X's & O's IQ player known as a team-first mentality leader who thrives in any team role. Known as a we-not-me, selflessness, effort & attitude player.  
Nolan Cadieux
#14: Att, Mid
ON: Point Edward
6'1" '23
185 B
Leader & Team 1st Player - Coachable, determined, disciplined and aggressive multi-sport athlete. I know I would be a valuable addition to your classrooms, student body and Athletic Program!  
Sean Leahy
#2: Att
IL: Elmhurst
5'8" '23
170 A+
Disciplined, aggressive, determined player who accepts constructive criticism and continually works to improve skills. Strong LAX IQ and team player.  
Thomas Van Camp
#5: Def
IL: Lake Forest
6'3" '23
200 A+
Highly coachable, high Lax IQ defenseman, multi-sport varsity athlete (lacrosse, soccer), elite academic student (5.39/5.0 GPA, 1550 SAT and 34 ACT)  
Tommy Iaquinta
#55: Mid
IL: Lemont
6'1" '23
179 B+
Dynamic 2 way midfielder great lacrosse iq, speed & toughness.  
Tommy Kowalski
#87: Mid
IL: Elmhurst
5'8" '23
150 A
Speed and explosiveness, takes best look before fastest look, multi-sport athlete, two-way mid, indefatigable worker, fearless defense, organized, intelligently distributes the ball, offensive threat, fast transition, receptive, coach able.  
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PLC Summer Championships
Jul 16-17 '22
MD: Boyds
NAL Summer Tourney
Jul 23-24 '22
DE: Milford
Naptown National Challenge
Jun 27-29 '22
MD: Annapolis
Crab Feast
Jun 25-26 '22
MD: Bel Air
NHSLS Boys Summer Session 3
Jun 30-Jul 1 '22
MD: Columbia
Long Island Summer Showdown Boys
Jul 12-13 '22
NY: Islip
Apex 60 Summer Finale Showcase Boys
Jul 21-22 '22
MD: Bel Air
IL Recruiting Invitational July
Jul 11-13 '22
MD: Baltimore
NXT Philly Summer Invitational
Jul 9-10 '22
PA: Downingtown
Matt Chandik's One Percent Showcase
Jun 28-29 '22
PA: Conshohocken
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