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Auben Wesley
#40: Def, LSM
MI: South Lyon
5'8" '25
165 A
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Ben Gridley
#99: Att, Mid
MI: South Lyon Township
5'6" '25
130 A+
I am a team player who loves to make opportunities for others as much as myself and I listen to my coaches which makes me a very coachable player.  
Brady Boonstra
#54: Def
MI: Lowell
5'7" '25
145 A+
Coachable, Strong Lax IQ, competitive, aggressive, multi-sport athlete.  
Caden Joyce
#65: Mid, Def, LSM
MI: Rockford
5'9" '25
145 A-
I am a aggressive player with good coach ability, I like to practice in my backyard a lot with my friends.  
Case Cnossen
#13: Def
MI: Zeeland
6'1" '25
165 A
Hardworking & coachable athlete with a desire to continue improving. Multi-sport athlete.  
Cash Ten Have
#10: Att, Mid
MI: Hudsonville
6'0" '25
180 A
Very teachable, strong lax IQ. Physical, aggressive attack man. Plays football in the fall.  
Colton Gady
#12: Att, Mid
MI: Byron Center
5'8" '25
145 A+
I am a very coachable, determined and competitive team player. I want to do my best not only on the field, but also in every other aspect of my life.  
Connor Lukas
#34: Mid
MI: New Hudson
5'8" '25
135 A
Accountable leader with the highest work ethic on and off the field. Aggressive, tough , and competitive-multi-sport athlete. Coachable player who always strives to be better.  
Elliott Heethuis
#51: Att, Mid
MI: Hudsonville
5'7" '25
125 A+
Versatile, quick and smart. Able to defend, create turnovers and lead fast break to attack.  
Emery Moody
#4: Mid, Faceoff
MI: Wyoming
5'10" '25
180 B+
I love playing lacrosse, I play lacrosse along with football, I’m a physical and athletic presence, and I love helping others be great.  
Enzo Capicchioni
#2: Mid
MI: South Lyon
6'0" '25
135 B
I have a high LAX IQ, i play multiple sports, and i’m easy to coach.  
Ethan Fisher
MI: Caledonia
5'6" '25
125 A-
I work hard on and off the field to get fit and healthy for the lacrosse season, good team player, and I am very coachable.  
Isaac Riggs
#86: LSM
MI: Mattawan
5'7" '25
125 A
Isaac was MVP last summer at two of his tournaments for being a great team player and always staying positive with his teammates. He is a great motivator!  
Spencer Stiles
MI: Mattawan
5'8" '25
138 A
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
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