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Lombard, Illinois
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Ben Schuster
#13: Att, Mid
MN: Victoria
5'10" '23
175 B+
Multi-sport athelete, USBOXLA player, UA All American (2020), Coachable, Team player, Good lax IQ, Two-Way middie.  
Brady Greco
#81: Faceoff
NC: Raleigh
5'9" '23
165 A
I am coachable, hard working and a team player. As a FOGO I specialize in pushing transition and getting the offense started. I train weekly with the Faceoff Academy.  
Brooks Van Esselstyn
SC: Okatie
6'0" '23
195 A+
Two-Way Midfielder, Hates losing, Always wants to help the team  
Caleb Coleman
#24: Att, Mid
FL: Ponte Vedra
6'0" '23
175 A
Coachable, strong lax IQ, very aggressive, muliti-sport. Dominant in right-handed and left-handed. Can play both Attack & Midfield. Plays in advanced national tournaments and attending high-level.  
Carter Truesdell
#22: Mid
FL: Maitland
6'4" '23
185 A-
Multi-sport- Varsity Basketball & Lacrosse, highly motivated, coachable, strong IQ, great student, great field awareness  
Deacon Adams
#66: Def, LSM
NC: Raleigh
6'2" '23
190 A-
A natural born grit personality that is coachable. Multi -sport athlete (Football). Aggressive and work hard to achieve my goals on and off the field. 10 years experience LSM/Defense.  
Eli Rippey
#25: Mid
NJ: Sparta
6'0" '23
180 A
Athletic multi-sport athlete, team player with leadership skills-determined and hard worker.  
Jake Rossman
#15: Def
MN: Apple Valley
6'2" '23
192 A
Coachable and high lacrosse I.Q. player focused on the relentless pursuit perfecting the position of defense. Striding to become the best defenseman in the USA.  
Mason Mac
#16: Mid
NJ: Montville
5'11" '23
160 A
Multi-sport athlete (Football, Ind. Track, Lacrosse) two-way middie who's greatest assets include speed, high game IQ, and field vision. Also has a 4.25 cumulative GPA at Seton Hall Prep  
Matt Vara
#3: Att
FL: Bradenton
5'8" '23
160 A+
I am a strong dodger with a high lax IQ. I make heads up plays and hustle for ground balls and turnovers. Hard worker and always coachable. 941-405-7676  
Oliver Buch Peters
NC: Charlotte
6'5" '23
205 A-
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Oliver Evans
#8: Att, Mid
NC: Durham
6'1" '23
178 A
Varsity Football and Lacrosse. Two-way midfielder.  
Robert Walker
#85: Att, Mid
NC: Raleigh
5'11" '23
160 B+
Coachable, respectful team player with strong mental toughness and awareness on the field. Determined both on and off the field.  
Sam Myers
#0: Goal
PA: Pittsburgh
6'0" '23
155 A
Coachable and a team player. Loud and explosive in net.  
Sean Laureano
#1: Att
FL: Bradenton
5'11" '23
165 A-
I play for the TEAM at all times! I am coachable and I play a disciplined heads up game  
Thomas Van Camp
#5: Def
IL: Lake Forest
6'3" '23
200 A+
Highly coachable, high Lax IQ defenseman, multi-sport varsity athlete (lacrosse, soccer), elite academic student (5.39/5.0 GPA, 1550 SAT and 34 ACT)  
Ty Tuccitto
#14: Def, LSM
MN: Stillwater
6'3" '23
200 A-
Coachable, multi-sport athlete, strong, fast and aggressive play style  
Vinny Layne
#25: Def, LSM
FL: Davie
6'0" '23
180 A
Extremely coachable, w/ a high level Lax-IQ, team player, very competitive, multi-sport athlete, honors 4.9 GPA, very comfortable and skilled with handling the ball.  
Will Zarnik
#44: Def
NC: Raleigh
6'1" '23
175 A+
Athletic, multi-sport athlete, aggressive, loves lift checks, hardworking, clearing machine, with a great lacrosse IQ.  
William Genderson
#21: Goal
NC: Chapel Hill
5'11" '23
170 A-
Goalie who is passionate about the position and the game. A true team player, athelete, student, and leader.  
Zach Johnson
#84: Att, Mid
FL: Melbourne Beach
5'10" '23
180 A+
Non-selfish team player, hard worker, highly coachable, humble, and strong lax IQ  
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PLC Summer Championships
Jul 16-17 '22
MD: Boyds
NAL Summer Tourney
Jul 23-24 '22
DE: Milford
UA All American Underclass Tournament Boys
Jul 28-31 '22
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