True Ohio 2023 Girls

Lombard, Illinois
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2023 grads
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Adeline Ransick
#10: Att
OH: Cincinnati
5'5" '23
Hard Working, good listener/coachable, always wanting to get better as a player and a team, and athletic.  
Alivia Busi
#75: Mid, Def
OH: Centerville
5'2" '23
110 A-
Speed and agility, aggressive, coachable, a hard worker, and a team player.  
Brenna Bohan
#2: Att, Mid
OH: Cincinnati
5'6" '23
125 A-
aggressive multi sport athlete, wanting to always get better, coachable, fast, leader of every team I am on  
Hannah Wagner
#25: Att
OH: Cincinnati
5'5" '23
130 A
Lefty attack with speed, strength, and vision of the field. Values communication with teammates and coaches, and brings positivity and energy to practices and games.  
Katie Bukiewicz
Mid, Draw
OH: Beavercreek
5'8" '23
145 A+
I am a very determined player and passionate about the game. I will do whatever it takes to help my team succeed.  
Lana Hall
#76: Att, Mid, Draw
OH: Cincinnati
5'8" '23
143 A+
Coachable, disciplined, multi-sport athlete with a team first mindset. I am equally passionate about defending against top competition as compared to scoring goals and making my teammates better.  
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