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Adam Kraft
#167: Def
WI: Westfield
6'0" '21
185 A-
Aggressive player, coachable, disciplined, always hardworking, great leader, compassionate about the game, multi-sport athlete, strong lax IQ  
Chaz Renaud
Att, Mid
WI: Wales
5'11" '21
155 A-
Aggressive player, with strong vision, and the ability to be a coach on the field.  
Dakota Ayres
#83: Def, LSM
WI: Sun Prairie
6'3" '22
240 B+
Coachable, Team player, high IQ, aggressive, hard working, multi- sport athlete, leader on and off the field, high communication.  
David Yakel
#4: Att, Mid
WI: Pewaukee
5'9" '21
160 B
I am a quick, athletic goal scorer with good lacrosse IQ. I am tenacious, coachable, and a team player who wants to win. I come early and stay late.  
Edward Seltzner
#21: Def, LSM
WI: Sun Prairie
6'3" '21
165 A
I've been playing since 2009, I base my defense on precision and speed, not raw strength. My academics are great and I am part of many extra curricular activities.  
Forrest Sauer
#24: Def
WI: Oconomowoc
6'4" '21
245 B
Coachable, willing to get better, work on new things, Team player, Great Lax IQ,  
Gavin Phetteplace
WI: Oconomowoc
6'0" '21
150 A-
Very coachable, I have a very strong lacrosse IQ and a loud voice for commanding, I am very athletic and can get to the end line quick. Very competitive.  
John Breiner
Mid, Def, LSM
WI: Wauwatosa
5'11" '20
165 B-
Strong Lax IQ, Coachable, Closer, Righty Long Pole, Quick Stick Skills, Listens and Communicates on Field, Community Service Volunteer.  
Jon (Jack) Christiaansen
Att, Mid
WI: Dousman
5'9" '22
155 A+
Coachable, dedicated, team player that is respectful and determined both on and off the lax field.  
Lance Guttormson
#7: Goal
WI: West Bend
6'0" '21
130 A-
Coachable, team player and leader Great student - top 10% in my class Multi-sport athlete - cross country in fall  
Maxwell Breunig
#6: Mid, Faceoff
WI: Sun Prairie
5'10" '21
185 A-
I am a quick learner and a great leader. No doubt, I always leave everything on the field.  
Nicholas Mathura
#48: Att, Mid
WI: Sun Prairie
6'0" '21
171 A-
My name is Nicholas Mathura and I am a midfielder/attack at Sun Prairie High in the class of 2021. I am a hard working and coachable player involved in AVID.  
Nolan Culbertson
#90: Def
WI: Sun Prairie
6'1" '21
175 B+
Working very hard to get bigger, faster, and stronger! Desire a college with an excellent lacrosse team where I can be a dedicated teammate and dependable leader. Environmental Studies.  
Nolan Rappis
Att, Mid
WI: Delafield
5'10" '21
165 A-
High IQ/vision, ability to dodge and score/feed from left or right hand and can play all offensive positions. I am a grinder and work hard on the details.  
Trevor Herman
#20: Mid, Faceoff
WI: Stevens Point
5'10" '22
185 A+
Hard working, passionate, smart lax player, willing to do what it takes to get better. Crossfit, Hockey, Cross-Country and Lax are my hobbies. Straight A student.  
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