Wisconsin Elite 22

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AJ Smerz
#82: Att
WI: Slinger
5'4" '22
160 B-
Coachable, Will help the team and play until the very end  
Dakota Ayres
#27: Def, LSM
WI: Sun Prairie
6'3" '22
240 B+
Coachable, Team player, high IQ, aggressive, hard working, multi- sport athlete, leader on and off the field, high communication.  
Jackson Johnson
#66: Att, Mid
WI: Marshall
6'1" '22
200 B
Coachable player, team leader and teammate with high lax offensive IQ. Can play both ways. Excellent footwork. Can play right and left handed. Aggressive crease play. 2 sport athlete.  
Jacob Bonesho
#84: Def, LSM
WI: Wales
5'9" '22
150 B+
Team player that communicates through all aspects of defense in play.  
Jonathan Mautz
#87: Att
WI: Delafield
5'7" '22
165 A
Highly coachable, Tough, Fearless finisher around the crease, Crafty off-ball scoring threat, Leads by example on and off the field, Box Lacrosse player, Honor student.  
Nathan Wilde
#86: Def
WI: Hartland
6'0" '22
210 A-
I am coachable defensive player that excels at on and off ball communication with a strong lax IQ. I am a great teammate and a dedicated team player.  
Noah Dretzka
#80: Mid
WI: Delafield
5'10" '22
160 B+
Highly coachable, team-first player with quick instincts and sharp vision for the field. Extremely focused, hard-working, and a great teammate.  
Noah Magill
#81: Faceoff
WI: North Praire
5'11" '22
170 B
Strong, althetic, high lax IQ, gritty, coachable and disaplinced  
Trevor Herman
#20: Mid, Faceoff
WI: Stevens Point
5'10" '22
185 A+
Hard working, passionate, smart lax player, willing to do what it takes to get better. Crossfit, Hockey, Cross-Country and Lax are my hobbies. Straight A student.  
Player dominant hand (R - Righty, L - Lefty, B - Both). Height (Ht), Weight (Wt).
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