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Audrey Hsieh
Att, Mid
NY: New York
5'6" '23
Student Athlete and Leader. Team player with strong game sense and is always in the right place on the field. Hard working, determined and passionate.  
Caroline Clark
#16: Mid, Def
NY: Croton
5'4" '23
120 B+
I’m a versatile player, who can play wherever Coach needs me. My strength is defense, and I am a ground ball vacuum. I’m aggressive, passionate and love the game.  
Caroline D’Angelo
#64: Goal
CT: Danbury
5'8" '23
130 B
Easily Coachable, Applies what she learns, determined, quick hands, good lax knowledge. Helps guide the team on and off the field  
Cecelia DeLarco
Att, Mid, Draw
NY: North Salem
5'4" '23
106 A+
Team first philosophy, hardworking, versatile aggressive athlete, good instincts, determined to improve every day, extremely coachable and highly competitive.  
Jessica Lhotan
#20: Def
NY: Carmel
5'5" '23
130 A
Motivated and dedicated team player with strong footwork and defensive skills - coachable and disciplined.  
Katherine Couch
#69: Mid, Def
NY: Croton On Hudson
5'3" '23
130 A+
Highly disciplined player, deterimned, great foot skills on defense, keep up with both sides of the field in midfield. Play with finesse, skill and intelligence. Multi-sport athlete  
Kaylee Gadol
#22: Goal
NY: Otisville
5'1" '23
140 A-
I think Im a good communicator and am able to shake things off easily.  
Mackenzie Todd
#6: Mid, Def, Draw
CT: Brookfield
5'3" '23
112 A-
Hey, I have been playing lax since 4th grade and I am very competitive. I understand the game. I am a multi sport athlete and coachable.  
Madison Preston
#23: Mid, Def
CT: Brookfield
5'4" '23
115 A+
Coachable, team player who is determined and aggressive when needed to be; multi-sport varsity athlete.  
Nicolette Diedrich
#03: Att
NY: Hopewell Junction
5'1" '23
115 A-
Excellent lax IQ, great in clutch situations, coachable, team player, passionate about lacrosse, positive, motivated, very determined  
Nina Tremonte
CT: Brookfield
5'1" '23
123 A
Team player, multi sport varsity athlete. Voted by team to be a lacrosse captain after sophomore year. Coachable athlete that takes in all information.  
Shannon Ackerly
#53: Att
CT: Brookfield
5'6" '23
Hi Im Shannon Ackerly Ive been playing lacrosse for ten years and Im going into my Junior year of high school. I aspire to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. I feel that I am a very coachable player and Im always looking to improve and work hard individually and collaboratively to make sure my team and I play to our full potential. I translate the same behavior from the field into the classroom and constantly work hard in order to succeed in school and hopefully pursue my goal of becoming a veterinarian in the future.  
Sienna Roehrich
#4: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
NY: Campbell Hall
5'2" '23
132 B+
Coachable, team player, tenacious, aggressive as well as friendly and competitive multi-sport athlete!  
Sophia Pomposello
Att, Mid
CT: Ridgefield
5'4" '23
I am a multi-sport athlete, playing club and highschool soccer, lacrosse and alpine ski racing. I am well rounded outside of sports, with Girl Scouts and church as well.  
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LAX For the Cure Summer (Jersey)
Jun 24-26 '22
NJ: New Egypt
Maryland Cup Summer Championships
Jul 16-17 '22
MD: Northeast
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