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Promote your events, scout game film and simplify recruiting

Manage your college profile, evaluate recruits and list your prospect days, clinics and camps. Our platform is free to college coaches, including our evaluations tool. Our recruit profiles are public, provide match detail and integrate with popular databases.

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Before signing up, find your college profile to avoid creating a duplicate account. When logged in and synced to your college, access your ‘College Coach' tab in your dashboard.

Scout Game Film

Many top events distribute film to college coaches in your film library.

Partner clubs can also share their game film coupled with player info.

College Coach Tools

Tour our free college coach tools, including promoting your events and evaluations tool.

Promote Your Events

List your events directly on your college profile to interested recruits.

Clubs / HS teams embed this directly on their website.

Detailed Profile Matching

Algorithms match players to colleges: ACT/SAT, GPA, majors, athletic level, school size, cost and distance.

See your recommended recruits along with college match detail on profiles; click ‘Track Recruit’ to manage.

Commit Checker

Clean Message Design

Built-in messaging system designed with college coaches to streamline evaluation.

Custom Eval Tool

See your staffs’ evaluations live to quickly identify players to watch or skip, saving everyone time.

Use at big tournaments and your own clinics and camps. Streamline data collection and feedback.


How is my dashboard updated?
Your recruit database is automatically updated when players edit their profile, such as adding a new highlight video, uploading a transcript, updating test scores, etc.

Do players or club coaches see my info?
No, your database, target list of recruits and entire dashboard are private and only shared among your registered coaching staff.

Everything is free?
Yes, our coach dashboard and video library are free today and forever. If we can improve it and make your life easier, let us know how by messaging us at the bottom tab.

Can I edit info on my colleges profile?
Yes, you can edit your commits list, team website, etc... Academic and financial info are from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

How can I improve my profile?
You can list your prospect days and camps, message us to schedule a coach interview, add description about your program, add videos of behind-the-scenes content and games and more.

Is compliance built into your dashboard?
Yes. We track player eligibility based on their year and your division. Messages from recruits include links to their coaches contact info.