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Interns get real experience in data-driven, content marketing

Looking to film, click the blue-shaded link below. Interns interested in our spring, summer and fall programs can apply below. Interns use relevant marketing tools to maximize their reach, build their portfolio and track how audiences interact with their content.

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ConnectLAX Internship Program Info

Please review the below program overview before applying at the bottom.

What are we about?

ConnectLAX is a matchmaker for high school recruits and college coaches. We are passionate about helping players realize their dream of playing college lacrosse and breaking down the barriers in lacrosse recruiting. We only want capable, motivated and entrepreneurial interns that can problem solve and leverage data to build confidence in their abilities. Being competitive is a positive.

Career development is an important component of this internship and we try to tailor your workflow to match your post-collegiate goals. Our expectation is that you will develop a skill set and confidence that allows you to stand apart in interviews and hit the ground running. Previous interns have gone onto sports agencies, media and entertainment and professional teams (ie SF Giants).


What will you learn?

Our internship program trains you to use relevant marketing tools (Instagram/Twitter, Wordpress, Youtube. Feedly, Followerwonk, Mailchimp) to maximize your reach and track how your audience receives your content. This is an analytics-based, practical approach to digital and social media marketing.

You will learn to source, capture, publish and share news, understanding these represent four legs of a stool and each must be successfully executed to be heard in today's crowded media environment. A premium is placed on video content.

Fall and spring interns will primarily source content from their colleges' lacrosse team while summer interns capture content at select lacrosse tournaments. The summer program is paid and includes a two-day bootcamp in NYC. The spring and fall programs are unpaid; many interns receive class credit, grants and if desired, preference placement for the summer program.

The program includes weekly virtual meetings to discuss concepts and review content, evaluating analytics so every intern gleans insight from what others post. The program is remote (besides the summer bootcamp) and often flexible to class schedules (virtual meetings are Monday evening). Every program has a promotional budget for giveaways of lacrosse gear and equipment.

In summary, the program will teach you how to create, execute and most importantly, track content marketing campaigns. With an understanding of data, you will be confident in proposing new ideas because you can back them up and evaluate their success.


How to apply?

Applications are currently being reviewed for the fall program, which runs from Monday, September 23rd through the Monday before Thanksgiving, November 25, 2019. Weekly virtual meetings are scheduled for 530pm on Monday's. The fall position is paid ($200/month), remote and flexible to your schedule. This allows for interns to take on other jobs if they wish. Class credit is available. Undergrads only.

Please create an account, and then apply below. When applying, tell us a little about yourself, why you are interested and how this fits in with your post-collegiate goals.

Fall and spring interns are preferenced for the summer position, which is paid ($200/month), primarily remote and flexible to your schedule. The program includes an in-person, 2-day bootcamp in late May in midtown NYC (travel stipend provided). Additional in-person training may be scheduled during June and July (attendance is recommended but optional). We also have weekly virtual meetings at 5:30 on Monday’s. This allows for interns to take on other jobs if they wish. Class credit is available. Undergrads only. Summer interns are expected to travel to select lacrosse events primarily in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.


Why we created this...


Journalism is not dead, but media has evolved and journalists must adapt to today’s crowded marketplace for news. Our tools focus on this. RIP Daily Show ;(.


We created this program to provide a practical complement to the academic approaches learned in school. We teach "on-the-job" tools and skills that employers look for. 

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What previous interns say...

Ryan Dance

From day one, Gage and his team worked with me on a personal level to ensure I had the tools necessary for succeeding in my professional endeavors. They gave me business insight and marketing lessons that I was able to use right away. They constantly challenged me to rise above while creating a fun and laid back work environment that anyone can succeed in. Overall, best experience I could have ever asked for.

Nicole Lyons

I was a summer 2016 intern with ConnectLAX and the amount of experience I gained in such a short time was incredible. The ConnectLAX team was very personable and tailored each individual internship experience to parallel what we want to do in the future. This enabled each of us to have our own projects and paths within the company and I gained several skills that I will use as a foundation to hit the ground running with future jobs. Above all, it was a genuinely fun experience and I am very glad I spent my summer with ConnectLAX.

Will Kelley

I had a really unique experience working for ConnectLAX. The hands on approach was really special as I was able to develop my own knowledge of marketing as well as learn about running a business from Gage and the team. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in terms of making you feel comfortable and confident. I also got class credit, which was great.

Harley Brown

I worked at ConnectLAX for six months and enjoyed every minute of it. The team is super cool and knowledgeable, so I was able to learn a lot in a fun environment. Even though they are based out of NYC, I was able to work in Denver, CO and receive class credit. I voluntarily worked in NYC over a few breaks as well. They really helped me gain real-world experience that impressed recruiters and also tailored my work to marketing areas I wanted to learn about. It was a great decision and experience. Just chat with these guys and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Michael Arena

I had a great summer interning with ConnectLAX in 2013. I learned a ton about marketing and have since switched my major to it. I feel like just learning how to grow a business and working directly with the co-founders gave me confidence in interviews and with my own projects, which the guys we're really helpful advising on. Not to mention I stayed in great shape with their flexible schedule and enjoyed playing in tournaments as "work".