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Women's 2021 Roster
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Allison Slayton
#32: Att, Mid
MI: Livonia
5'2" '21
125 A
I am a junior at Stevenson High School in Livonia MI. I am a hard working, coach able, and team player. I always strive to perform my best.  
Bree "Mina" McCorry
#34: Att, Mid
MI: Northville
5'8" '21
140 A
Double threat- leading speed and endurance. Varsity midfield starter as freshman. NXT Philly All Star. Past rugby, gymnastics, swim team, basketball, soccer.  
Emma Ferrato
#91: Mid
ON: Tecumseh
5'4" '21
117 B
I have been playing center for box lacrosse for 5 years. Just started field this fall. Im coachable, hard working and determined. I am a strong team player.  
Emma Ferrato
#2: Mid
ON: Lake Shore
5'5" '21
116 B
Strong-willed, ambitious, play maker, situational awareness, able to adapt well and a multi-sport athlete.  
Kellie Flynn
#10: Att, Mid, Draw
MI: Farmington Hills
5'8" '21
140 A
A team player that shoots with both hands-confident, committed, adaptable, disciplined and coachable especially as a multi-sport athlete.  
Kerrigan Brown
#5: Att
MI: Dewitt
5'6" '21
165 A-
Committed, hard worker, and can read the game well. Good listener and very coachable.  
Lucie Diatta
#35: Mid, Def
MI: Marshall
5'4" '21
116 A
I am an adaptable and coach able player, a strong athlete, and a committed and passionate team player!  
Maeve Burke
#00: Goal
MI: South Lyon
5'11" '21
155 A-
Athletic Goalkeeper and a student of my position. Outgoing; Multi-sport athlete with a passion for lacrosse. I LOVE LAX!  
Natalie Maki
#20: Att, Mid, Draw
MI: Lake Orion
5'6" '21
130 A+
I have a passion for lacrosse and my teammates. Coachable, disciplined, driven, and smart. Strong lax IQ.  
Payton Pilarski
#81: Def
MI: Livonia
5'5" '21
150 A-
Natural athlete, strong, very dedicated. Very coachable. Multi sport athlete. Disciplined and determined to get better.  
Peyton Smith
#3: Att, Mid, Def, Draw
MI: Wixom
5'4" '21
135 B+
Strong work ethic with a positive attitude and always looking to do what it takes to get better.  
Shannon Wiseman
#29: Att, Mid, Draw
MI: Canton
5'7" '21
130 A-
Natural athlete, speed, and dedicated team player. Hard work ethic on and off the field. Quick learner. Coachable, competitive and determined. Can play anywhere.  
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