A.J. Fischer

2023 | PA: Lancaster
2.1K |

Guy Hornig

Oct 17, 2022

I have had the privilege of coaching AJ for 4 years with our club team. He has transformed himself both physically and mentally to play at the next level. He plays with great poise and confidence. You will quickly discover that when he steps onto the field, he immediately takes over as the leader of the defense. AJ is incredibly coachable and has become a student of the game. He has the perfect temperament for a golf keeper and will make an excellent addition to any NCAA program.

Kevin Mayer

Oct 17, 2022

AJ is very coachable, works hard and understands the value delivered by a development process. AJ attends all practices is extremely coachable and takes a very focused and intense approach to how he approaches his game. These attributes have made AJ a very capable stopper, with strong clearing skills and a big time upside. As AJ continues to mature as a player, and he continues to focus on development, AJ's game will deliver great value to an NCAA program.

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