Abby Winslow

2024 | NC: Durham
1.7K |

Caroline Wakefield

Jan 20, 2022

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Abby Winslow. Abby has put in the work to be an elite player. She has spent hours working individually with some of the best coaches in North Carolina to up her game. I'll start by saying Abby did not get scored on this entire 2021 Fall season. She is a lockdown defender! Normally playing low on their best attacker, abby shuts people out! Her IQ is unmatched, she understands the game on a different level. Her thinking and decision making skills allows her to make the right play every time she is on the field. She has developed her game to the next level defensively and is one of the most coachable kids. Able to take what you say and make it happen the next play. Has amazing timing in her slides which allows her to cause turnovers. Her stick is always up in a passing lane! She averages at least 3 caused turnovers a game. She has quick hands allowing her to use her stick to get poke checks and make the attacker uncomfortable. She gets on the attacker's hands and likes to pressure out, usually causing a turnover.

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