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Aliza DeMattos

2023 | NY: Queensbury
Recruit Profile
A leader in which is determined, aggressive, coachable, and a team player. Loves to push themself, strong lax IQ, and will put the work in.

I was raised in a very active sports family and am highly encouraged always to try my hardest. Since I was eight years old, I have been a three-sport athlete; I have always been an aggressive player, whether on the field or on a basketball court. I have a strong voice on the defensive end and love guarding around the crease for some tense 1v1 action, but I am open to playing anywhere, whether I play high or low! I am very comfortable when it comes to switching hands and sliding. My favorite part of field hockey and lacrosse is the team aspect, as I enjoy spending time with my teammates on and off the field. I am highly coachable and have grown up on the lacrosse field alongside my older brother. On top of playing multiple sports all my life, I strive to do my best in the classroom. I love challenging myself in AP classes and am a member of seven clubs, including the Secretary of Key Club. I love volunteering and am interested in pursuing Business in the future.

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