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Breanna Solero

2022 | NY: Shirley
Recruit Profile
Coachable, team player with strong athleticism and aggressiveness on both sides of the ball.

I have been an athlete all my life and picked up lacrosse 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. I was the top scorer from 2017-2019 but unfortunately missed out on my 2020 season due to Covid-19. On my high school team I play midfield, and I feel very comfortable on both sides of the ball. On my travel team I transitioned to defense based on what the team needed, being that its a place that I excel. As a defender I specialize in clearing the ball and transitioning into offense being that I have experience in playing midfield. Beyond lacrosse I am also a member of the varsity field hockey team.

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Krystal Burke

Jun 29, 2021

Breanna is a student athlete that every coach enjoys having on their team. She is extremely athletic, very coachable, and can perform well anywhere on the lacrosse field. This year, Breanna was utilized in just about every position, which was an integral part of why her team made it to the 2nd round of playoffs this season (2021). Wherever we needed her, whether it was defense, attack, or in the midfield, we moved her confidently, knowing she would make an impact. Breanna never questioned the coaches decisions. Instead, she transitioned, adapted, and did her job in each position. She is a leader both on and off the field, is trusted by her teammates, and is always striving to improve her game and grow as a player. Her defensive awareness, quick footwork, vision of the field in all positions, and explosiveness when she has the ball in her stick are all extremely impressive qualities that Breanna possesses. It has been a pleasure coaching Breanna and seeing her grow. She works hard at every practice, receives constructive criticism well, and is fully dedicated to becoming the best player she can be both on and off the lacrosse field.

Jackie Shishko

Jun 28, 2021

Breanna is one of our teams most versatile players. A true team player and willing to help in any position needed. Breanna is a tremendous athlete which shows in her stick skills, speed, agility, and in her vision of the field. She truly is an impact player contributing to all areas of the filed. As a coach, I can always depend on her to bring her all when she steps on the field. She is the player that makes the right slides, communicates with her teammates, clears the ball safely, and handles pressure well. Breanna’s desire to learn and improve, makes her extremely coachable. After receiving instructions, she applies the critiques to her game immediately. Breanna has been a pleasure to coach on The Blue Devils. She has so much potential and continues to grow as athlete and as a lacrosse player each a new every time she has her stick in hand.

Nicole Alesi

Jun 24, 2021

As a student athlete, Breanna has demonstrated leadership qualities, a positive attitude and growth on the team. Breanna is a leader and role model to her teammates. Breanna performs on the lacrosse field with such a high level of stick skills and understanding of the game. Her field awareness and ability to see a play developing is impressive at a high school level. She had a significant role in leading her high school varsity team to the second round of playoffs in 2021. I have had the privilege to know Breanna for three years and I have watched her grow into a true leader, role model and skilled lacrosse player. Breanna’s strong belief in her ability to improve herself as an individual and acquire new skills is what makes her a coachable player to have on a team. When mistakes were being made, her effort and work ethic allowed her to fix those mistakes for the future. She is always willing to learn and become a better lacrosse player each practice. As a coach, you can see that her teammates both admire and respect Breanna not only as a lacrosse player but also as a loyal teammate.

Dave Rosen

Jun 22, 2021

As a member of the Blue Devils travel Lacrosse program Breanna has grown leaps and bounds as player . An exceptional athlete with excellent speed who has the versatility to play multiple positions, Breanna brings an enthusiasm and intensity to the game which makes her a difficult player to play against. For the Blue Devils Breanna plays mainly defense , she is a tough defender who sees the field well and is adept at transitioning the ball upfield . Breanna is a level headed player who does not get overwhelmed in crucial situations and makes tough plays look easy . She is a player that has a high compete level and strong desire to win . However as a player Breanna’s biggest asset is her coachability. She is eager to learn and is always locked in when being instructed. Already a good player Breanna still has tremendous upside and lots of untapped potential.

Paul Vassallo

Jun 22, 2021

I have kept a close eye on this explosive athlete since 7th grade, knowing she had tremendous athleticism with tremendous lacrosse potential. She was a point leader and MVP on her middle school teams. Solero was a goal leader with defensive strengths that led a 10-3 Division 1, JV team (2019) with points and draw controls. Breanna will graduate in 2022 as a three year Varsity starter. In 2021, Solero finished as a SextionXI All-Division player. Breanna is an integral part of an Elite-8 playoff team who never saw the bench in all 16 games. Breanna has tremendous flexibility on the field. She is a shutdown defender who is integral in both a backer-zone defense and man-defense. She understands the mechanics of both very well and can transition smoothly in games if coaches require. We also transition Solero into the attack and have designed ISO plays specifically for her due to her explosive speed and hard shots. (both lefty and righty) Breanna is a moldable and coachable athlete who holds herself at a very high standard. She strives to compete and cares about her play and performance very much.

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