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Emma Raines

2022 | PA: Elverson
Recruit Profile
Multi-sport athlete, determined, hard-working, strong stick skills, coachable athlete, great field sense, team player

I started playing lacrosse when I was in 4th grade. It immediately became my favorite sport. This past year I was the leading scorer on both my high school team and PA Express Orange. I broke the record at my high school for goals per season. I made the Berks County All Star team my freshman year, and made the Central PA A team for the National High School Classic. This summer, in addition to my regular PA Express season, I completed in the National Lacrosse Classic, and made the All Star team. I also was selected for the WPLL Futures, and the US Lax combine. I am very comfortable using both my right and left hand, and practice many different shots and stick skills. I also played varsity field hockey. I am a very hard worker in school too. I ended up my junior year ranking 15th in my class. I am taking all Honors level and AP courses.
My HS lacrosse team this year has already made it farther than it ever has. We won our County Championships, we came in 2nd in the district, and made it to the semifinals for states.I hit my 100th goal at the beginning of the season! I also had over 100 goals just this season.

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Kathryn Kropp

Nov 19, 2019

Emma is a tremendous player, exhibiting great stick work and high IQ. Her hard work on and off the field makes her an offensive threat, as well as a key component on the ride. Emma is extremely coachable and a wonderful asset to the team.

Courtney Kaplan

Nov 10, 2019

Emma has exceptional stick work utilizing both hands making her hard to defend. She leads the team in goals scored because of her patience and ability to move the goalie. She is a major threat in the ride causing turnovers every game. Teams often face guard her to no avail.

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