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Grady Webb

2023 | MD: Westminster
Recruit Profile
Leader on and off the field! Absolute team player with maximum coachability - total commitment in cage, excellent communicator, very self motivated!

Began playing lacrosse in Gamber youth recreation program then Westminster Area Lacrosse as goalie and midfield. Consistently referred to as leader of team on and off field with tremendous respect for all players, coaches and the game. I have been described as an excellent field communicator, very positive high energy team player with an awesome respectful and ALWAYS positive attitude. Coaches on all teams consistently say I am able to see the ball consistently through duration of all plays with tenacity and selfless sacrifice to protect pipes! Distribute in transition quickly, decisively and accurately to all players seamlessly in stride.

I love the cage! I am very passionate about being a pilot and am nearing completion for solo test certification with Brett Aviation training academy and this is my driven academic focus to plan related (aeronautical) studies in a college/university with this as focus, while playing lacrosse there.

Highlight Videos

Chris Ogle

Feb 16, 2022

Grady Webb is an outstanding young man and a pleasure to coach! He excels on the field between the pipes and has a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the goalie position. He possesses a great frame and takes up a large portion of the goal, forcing shooters to take high quality shots to score. He has above average stick work and excels in the clearing game. Grady loves lacrosse! He is always looking for opportunities to improve and is always one of the first players to arrive at practice looking to get in extra work! Grady is dependable and has high character. Academically, Grady is a high achieving student and performs well in the classroom. Grady would be a great addition to any college program.

Michael Stidham

Feb 4, 2022

Grady is a player that every coach wants on their team. He is respectful, knowledgeable, and coachable. He is eager to learn new goalie techniques and he always propels his peers to be their best. I have had a great time watching Grady develop as a goalie and as a person. It is not easy to be as approachable as Grady is at a young age. His skills in the net are very high and it also helps that he has a very big frame. One thing that stands out to me is his ability to make doorstep saves.

Colby Wehner

Feb 4, 2022

Grady Webb is one of the most respectable and coachable players in the Breakers Lacrosse program. Grady excels in leadership on the field and can respond to adversity better than most goalies. Between the pipes, he is relentless in the way he competes and finds a way to make the save in some of the most difficult situations. Grady will be a great addition to any program from the way he continues to get better off the field. As a young man, he is great academically and can lead in the way he makes the right decisions. Grady can gain a few pounds in the weight room, and could improve in the way he mechanically saves low shots, but otherwise he has great hands and instincts that outweigh his weaknesses. Clearing the ball is no issue, since his stick skills are ahead of most goalies.

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