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Kiah Holdsworth

2019 | ME: Wells
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Intelligent, resilient, and disciplined multi-sport athlete. I believe that being a Goalie is 95% mental and 5% physical. Pilat Graduate.

My passion for lacrosse started to blossom in the 5th grade. I joined the local town "Rec" team and immediately fell in love with this ancient sport. I began as a short stick defender but in 6th grade, I picked up a long pole and played d-pole. I picked to play defense long pole because it was just as physically demanding and strategic as being a defensive cornerback in football. My 8th grade year, our previous goalie quit the sport and my team was in desperate need of a replacement. One of my former coaches once said, "If I ask, you say yes." Therefore when my coach asked, I volunteered and fell in love. That same former coach said, "Be a student of the game." To do so, I have read several books, attended Bill Pilat's Goalie School and watched college film on YouTube. Consequently I have learned that the position is 5% physical and 95% mental. A goalie not only has to be in peak physical condition but also had to have a mind that's sharper than the finest blade. In order to sharpen my mind, I needed to expand my academic horizons, therefore I took AP Biology my sophomore year of high school along with the required courses. I finished out my sophomore year with scoring a 4 on the AP Bio exam and obtaining a 3.7 average for the year. This coming year I am taking AP Statistics, AP Chemistry (separated into Lab & Class time for a total of 2 blocks), AP Language, and AP U.S. Government for a total of 5 blocks of AP courses throughout my day. I also participate in the High School Concert, Jazz, and Marching Band as both a Trumpet and a Drum Major. Along with these band functions, the Wells High School Warrior Band also hosts Turkey Dinners for the community every year along with many other community service projects like canned food drives, clothing donations, and pie/candle sales. I also lift weights, run Indoor Track in the winter, and considering running Cross Country in the fall to keep in shape year round. In Indoor Track, I am on the State-qualifying 200m relay team and qualified to run the 200m singles.

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Marcus Desveaux

Mar 31, 2017

Kiah will be a second year captain on the Wells High School Warrior JV team. He has incredible natural athleticism, effort and above all: leadership. It was a no-brainer to assign Kiah as a captain for a second year. He works tremendously hard in and out of season.

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