Madelyn Haug

2023 | NJ: Newton
1.5K |

Michelle Paluzzi

Dec 20, 2021

Madelyn Haug is a terrific team leader on defense. She is coachable and always looking for ways to improve her skill. in Her advanced lacrosse IQ allows her to make quick, effective decisions in each moment of the game. Madelyn has knowledge of backer, man, and zone and can smoothly adjust between each. She can defend high or low and easily transition between both. Madelyn caused 25 % of the team’s forced turnovers, many of which resulted in interceptions that Madelyn transitioned effectively. Her quick reaction time on free positions helps breakup the play, slowing down or stopping the attacking shot. Shortly after Madelyn’s opening season her freshmen year (spring 2020), she was selected for the starting varsity roster. Losing that season to COVID, only motivated Madelyn more. Madelyn is assertive and quick on her feet. She communication skills are an asset to our defense. Madelyn is an aggressive defender, locks on tightly to her opponents hip, and is always looking to take the double when it’s available. She was awarded 2021 -SecondTeam Colonial North Division NJGILL and second team All Area/County as a sophomore.

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