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Victoria Brennan

2019 | NJ: Sussex
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A reliable team player, who is compassionate, coachable, and competitive. A bulldog on the field. Fearless in the

I began my career as a single-minded lacrosse player at age 11. Both on and off the field I have done above and beyond to become the player I am today. These tactics have allowed me to accomplish being the top scorer as a freshman on JV and an asset to my first year playing Varsity as a sophomore. As an offensive player it is my goal to use my confidence and leadership abilities to not only score goals but create opportunities for others to shine also to make sure that the field is never quiet because we all know communication is what keeps the game alive. I just recently entered into my junior year in high school and am taking all CP classes. My passion for the game is incessant and seeing myself improve every time I step on the field goes to show that hard work and dedication really does pay off in the end. Volunteering my time to the Glenwood Pochuck Ambulance Squad has become the missing piece to my puzzle. It is amazing to see how one person can change another person's life in the matter of seconds. These people that I am surrounded by deserve an Academy Award for the time, preparation, and dedication put into this team. We are a family and together we save lives and make the community a better place. Traveling around the world taking pictures of the sunsets and myself have also become hobbies that have left me with unforgettable memories. You'd think this all comes easy but I am very persistent and do my best to maintain between a 3.3-3.5 GPA always looking to improve in any ways possible. Ahead of me I see a bright future in the medical field. A nurse. That is my dream to be the change I wish to see in the world.

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