Coppermine Girls 2021

Baltimore, Maryland
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Ainsley Plume
#34: Att, Mid, Draw
MD: Glen Arm
5'7" '21
130 A
Versatile, full field midfielder who takes draw, enjoys all facets of the game, disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Allison Malecki
#8: Mid, Def, Draw
MD: Towson
5'3" '21
128 A-
I love everything about the sport of lacrosse . I am a great team player, fun, easy going but determined, coachable and multi-sport athlete including Varsity swimming and Squash.  
Amber Villaluz
#14: Att
MD: Baltimore
5'6" '21
130 B
Team player, coachable, can redefend well, I have a strong shot on goal, good eye looking for open players, can use both hands, aggressive and quick.  
Andie Aloi
#22: Mid, Def
MD: Towson
5'4" '21
125 A
I am a dependable multi sport athlete with a strong field sense. I play with a positive attitude on the field no matter the score and hustle until the very end. I continue to learn new techniques to improve my skills.  
Bridget Boland
#19: Goal
MD: Towson
5'10" '21
138 A-
Hard working, coachable, disciplined with strong lax IQ  
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Francioli
#7*: Goal
MD: Baltimore
5'6" '21
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ - disciplined, determined and aggressive multi-sport athlete.  
Ella Baynes
MD: Baltimore
5'4" '21
125 B+
Tenacious lefty attacker. Dedicated team player. High Lacrosse IQ.  
Isabella Brogan
#24: Def
MD: Baltimore
5'6" '21
135 A
Coachable, team player with strong Lax IQ, disciplines, determined and a multi-sport athlete.  
Kelsey King
#17: Att
MD: Fallston
5'9" '21
155 A-
coachable, team player, primarily right handed and multi-sport athlete.  
Kirsten Schleicher
#21: Mid, Draw
MD: Bel Air
5'8" '21
135 A
Team player, high lax IQ, multi-sport athlete, speed, athletic. Head is always up, unselfish, most importantly I feel I make my teammates better.  
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